Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Laser Hair Removal and the Related Procedure

Excessive and Unwanted hair has been a recurrent complain made by women and men of all ages. While we spend a great amount of our time in getting rid of the hair, we never probably come across some permanent and effective solution. While the traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing and electrolysis are time consuming and temporary, laser hair removal process is fast becoming a popular method of hair removal.

Procedures like shaving and waxing cause a lot of dryness and irritation on the epidermis of the skin, laser hair removal really seems to be a plausible and practical option, observes an expert from a renowned hair salon. Also because laser hair removal works well for areas which include majority of problem areas like chin, face and arms amongst others. This permanent hair removal performed by professional plastic surgeon comes with benefits of minimal risk and so the emerging preferences.


  • During the process, a laser beam is concentrated at the problem area of the skin. This beam or light is attracted towards the melanin of the hair follicles that heats up the follicles and destroys them from the root, thereby destroying these permanently.

  • Being a safer option laser hair removal process hardly disrupts the skin surface. The procedure works ideal on people with light skin and dark hair. It is important to note that it is not a single day process; it might as well need several meetings and sittings with the doctor for a long term benefit.

  • For those thinking its side-effects on the skin, breath light! Since our skin cools down easily and quickly there are hardly any ill-effects of the treatment. As a precautionary measure at the end of every sitting the skin is treated with a cooling cream to ensure that it remains unaffected by the heat produced by the beam.

  • The hair removal process on face and under the arms require just 15 minutes, however other body parts may need at least a time span of an hour to get rid of hair woes.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Oatmeal for Skin!

A bowl of piping hot oatmeal is the healthiest way to start your day, says everybody. And why shouldn’t it be? Oats contain the just the right mix of proteins that keeps everybody fuelled up. And as it turns out, it is not just an apple a day that keeps the doctor away; oatmeal helps a great deal, too.

Many nutritionists and experts from makeup courses say that sweet oats are the right way to start the day. After all, oats are loaded with fibre; just one cup contains over 10 grams of proteins.

Oats are a nutritional powerhouse, and yet can be used for many DIY treatments. Have a look! 

Treating acne:  Cooked oatmeal is one of the best remedies for treating acne. Sounds unbelievable, right? Maybe, no. Here is all that you need to do (with oats!) to get rid of the acne.

Boils some oatmeal until it softens and keep it like that for over 15 minutes. Apply it over your face or on the affected area and rinse it off after 10 minutes with cold water. This absorbs all the excess oil and bacteria off your face, rejuvenates dead skin cells and helps combat acne, says a student of Cosmetology course for Beauty Skin.

Oats also help fight face dryness, especially during winters when skin becomes flaky and white. That is because oats contain polysaccharides which convert into a gel like substance when it comes in contact with water. It helps create a fine protective layer on the skin and hence keeps dryness at bay. You can make a mask of mashed bananas with a cup of crushed oatmeal and add a little of lukewarm milk to it. Create a paste of it, apply it to face and rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. This helps in replenishing the skin moisture and helps keep it soft, subtle and hydrated.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Organic Healing | Daily Kitchen Food Products

How senseless is to rely on drugs to even treat the mildest form of health problems! You sneeze and you rush to the nearest drug store or with an upset stomach you can think about nothing but visit a doctor. What about looking in your kitchen for a natural substitute to the expensive medicines you have to buy or the smallest health problems! Checking in your kitchen for a healthy and healing food is a better dietary approach to treat various health related issues, observes an expert in dietary course.

Here are some of the organic and regular food items which apart from nourishing you, cures you of several health issues:

  • Bananas

These are truly the most amazing stress-bursting food available in market. A medium sized banana contains some 105 calories which provide energy to the body and 30% of daily RDAs of Vitamin B6. By giving the blood sugar level a boost, it aids in production of serotonin, a soothing hormone that calms down the body and mind, the same effect which a body spa has explains an adept in spa courses with price.

course in nutrition 

  •  Lemon

“When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it!” And yes, do it! It certainly is one of the dexterous food items available in a domestic kitchen. The biggest benefit associated with lemons is that is a great detoxifying agent. It is an amazing way for kick starting your mornings by flushing the toxins out from the body. By adding lemon juice to your daily diet chart it helps to better the digestive process by absorbing essential minerals.
  • Yogurt

One of the most effective healing products, Yogurt has an abundance of probiotics, also known as gut-friendly bacteria which specializes in making the movement of food easier and triggers a better digestive process. Keeping you at bay from a number of gastrointestinal diseases, it also keeps you away from a number of cancers. Several dietary courses acknowledge it as one of the best food products for healing.
  • Apricots

Kidney Stones which have become one of the most rampant health problems have now found an effective solution to it- Apricots! Studies have proved that you can 4ngs of sodium and 325 mgs of potassium from four apricots. While providing 2gms of dietary fibre it also prevents the accumulation of mineral compounds in the urine thereby a relief from kidney stones.
  • Raisins

Spa courses which are known to provide relief from hypertension, strongly believe in the effectiveness of raisins to treat high blood pressure. Abundant in polyphenol antioxidants, it aids in the smooth working of cardiovascular activities, thereby controlling the blood pressure.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Skin Treatment: Alternative Ways to Treat Acne

Acne has been an issue for individuals of all ages. It adversely affects your skin and often attributes to the irritating sensation. The most commonly cited reason for acne is hormone imbalance. That’s why it’s mostly teens who seek acne treatment.

In adults, there could be multiple reasons for suffering from the condition and may require immediate skin treatment. Some of them include stress, habits like smoking, unhealthy eating habits, lifestyle issues, etc. Acne primarily affects the face, chest, scalp and back.

Experts claim that there is no permanent cure for acne; however its symptoms can be alleviated by using some home remedies since chemically-laden products may come with a baggage of side effects.

Here are some effective ways of acne clearance and prevention that are trusted by experts:

1. Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate naturally exfoliates your skin of all the dead cells. It fills in the pores and helps keep the pH within a normal scale. Baking Soda is also known for its mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic attributes. It makes for a good alternative that offers multiple benefits.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal brings down the oil content of your skin and fills in the pores. It also exfoliates the skin and offers a cheap option to highly expensive professional skin treatment procedures.

3. Lemon Juice

One of the safest home remedies using the one ingredient that’s almost always readily available at home is treating your skin with the acidic lemon juice. It will clear your skin of the accumulated dust particles that cause irritation and acne in the first place. Too much use of lemons on the face could make it dry. It’s preferred to use them for skin treatment and aging every three days.

4. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is commonly used to treat burns because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It dries out the acne overnight when applied on the affected area. And, there’s no way you don’t have a toothpaste in your bath!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Benefits of Scrubbing Your Skin

Similar to cleansing, toning and moisturizing, scrubbing also holds a significant place in the skin care regimen. Exfoliating your skin regularly also aids in keeping several skin problems at bay which to the surprise to many includes cellulite. With the variety of facial and body exfoliating agents overflowing the market, scrubbing has become all the more convenient. However if chemical based scrubs are not your type then you have the option of using home-based exfoliators to cater to your scrubbing requirements. Use gentle circular motions and watch for yourself the magic on your skin.

Here are some associated skin benefits of scrubbing regularly:

-For a Clean and Clear Self

Scrubbing helps your skin to get rid of dirt, oil and sweat. The experts vouching for the effectiveness of exfoliating claims that the dozens of face wash and cleansers can’t pull the dirt from the skin pores with this ease as can be done with the help of exfoliating agent.

-Freedom from Flakes!

Flaky skin clearly points to the fact that you are being careless with your skin care regime. Flaky skin also gives rise to dry patches on the skin by allowing the dead skin to accumulate. The only solution for getting rid of the flaky skin is scrubbing.

body scrub

-Remove the Acne Scars

Exfoliate to get rid of acne scars! Start by preparing a basic scrub by using two spoons of baking soda and a spoon of water. Make a paste of it and body scrub to bid farewell to acne scars and welcome a glowing skin.

-Keep the Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is without doubt a ceaseless problem and scrubbing works best at preventing it. To treat the ingrown hair prepares a exfoliator using lemon juice, sugar and water. You can also choose to add tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and use it for 2 to 3 times after waxing for the desired results.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Basics- good to go with

Post indulging in hectic week’s celebration, feeding scrumptious cuisines and putting lot of makeup would have had put you in a different mindset, well, here’s the time to detoxify skin and make it look soft and rejuvenated. Well, ascribed are a few things that should be religiously followed to look the way you have had thought.

Moisturizing lotion: cleanser or moisturizer should be applied to hydrate and make skin look soft and supple. 

What if skin is dry: toner would be good to go with. No matter skin is too dry or is too supple, a toner is a must for all. Application of a toner makes the skin look fresh and juicy and retain the rejuvenating factor.

  Do not overdo: for the reason that anything is excess is not good, however if you have had done makeup in excess, do not worry. Hold on! Do not mistake of being overtly conscious and experiment with as many things as you could have. It’s a no stone carved rule that as long as you won’t splurge sky-high sum, won’t get results. Yes, you can. May be a simple anti ageing cream or sunscreen would solve the problem. So see to it that without scouting via online or getting in touch with a wellness expert, you do not begin experimenting much. 

Basics would do- as aforesaid; do not go on beating the bush. You can do a lot of effective stuff without putting you in mayhem of any sort. Home remedies such as curd, turmeric and honey might turn out as life saver and is also handy solution against major problems. 

So to end this, all that has to be considered is keep a check to the aforesaid handy things and you are bound to enjoy privileges of magical results.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kitchen Remedies to Treat Boils

Summer time adds woes and gets the heck out of us. But the afflictions are doubled with the eruption of heat boils which are all the more painful. You can get these painful boils anywhere from neck to face, from under the arms to your legs. With a plethora of acne treatments in the market vying for your attention not every treatment might turn out to be effective. For those who have spent money on the chemically treated products, switching to Ayurveda treatments for skin might just be a right option.

Ayurvedic medication for boils:

  • Domestic Remedies

The kitchen not only aids in keeping the stomach happy but also provides with multiple options to keep the boils at bay. Turmeric, the basic spice in any household boosts a number of qualities like anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Besides these it also works well for an ayurvedic medicine for the painful boils.

Take about 4 teaspoons of turmeric powder and dry roast it. Make a paste of it with plain water and apply the same on the boil. Having anti-bacterial properties it kills the boil and aids in fast maturing of it, which in turn releases the pus swiftly and without pain. Apply it for 3-4 days and re-apply it after 4-5 hours.

  • Cumin or jeera which is another common kitchen spice is a very effective Ayurvedic treatment for curing boils. Take about 4 teaspoons of cumin powder and then make a mixture of it with plain water and apply it. Re-apply the mixture 4-5 times a day to get rid of painful boils.

  • Garlic is a worldwide ingredient for treating various ailments including boils and acnes. Prepare a paste of 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and squeeze outs its juice and apply it on the boil. You can also add these cloves to your daily diet for better treatment from inside. Garlic is also an effective measure for treating skin problems because of its anti-bacterial nature.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Here's the Time to Get Rid of Beauty Woes

So finally that you have decided to tie the secret knot with your prince charming, try and make best out of this day. Rejoice each and every second so that these memories make you feel blessed.

Well, leaving aside everything else, it’s been seen that in lieu of looking good, would-be brides go to an extent of requesting the stylists to dab a bucket full of makeup on their face. Look, keep the fact in mind that nothing in excess is good. Excess bling and colors will do nothing, other than leading to fashion disaster. So think twice on what your style statement is.

Here's a low down of few common mistakes that usually every bride tends to commit in one way or the other and later on regretted:

Matching Marvelously: first, stop being conscious on clicking everything matching, varying from the bridal attire to the bridal make up. At times, contrasting shades make a perfect match. It is advised to leave all this to the stylists, be it skin treatment or ageing and the makeup, this is their genre and certainly, they know it in a better way.

Foundation and dark complexion: it’s acknowledged that urge to look the best gets deeply into the veins, but again, do not go for excess stuff. In order to look fairer, many would be brides tend to ask for application of excess foundation powder. And later, regret while flipping through the pages of wedding album. So this is something that has to be avoided. Too much foundation when sits-increases and look bad.

General Makeup: when professional recommends of using water proof makeup, they say this on purpose, not just to withhold things. Waterproof makeup saves the bride from rolling down all over the face, which otherwise becomes embarrassing.

So prior to finalizing the wedding getup with your stylists, think thrice on these three primary mistakes, to avoid regretting.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Honey and warm water to aid weight loss

Remember how your grandmother used to tell you about the great, great benefits of having honey with lemon? And remember how you used to dismiss all the benefits with an utter disregard for its taste?

If you really did dismiss it, now will be the right time to know that you did wrong, for a spoon of honey a day could offer you wonders, says an expert at a beauty academy.

beauty academy

A teaspoon of honey mixed well in a glass of warm water can help shedding those extra pounds. At the same time it also maintains the calorie content of your body and flushes out harmful toxins, too.

If you have misconceptions about honey, frivolous that they might be, it is the time to get them in place.  Just read on!

  • Substituting the sugar in your milk or drinks can cut down over 63% of calories. 
  • If you are a sweet tooth and often find yourself mindlessly indulging in sugar packed desserts and drinks, try honey for a healthy take. You can keep a check on empty calories while curbing those bouts of unhealthy munchings. 
  • The honey-warm water mixture helps detoxicate your body by flushing out all the toxins. 
Here is how you can use honey in other ways too.
  • Cut an apple and dip its pieces into honey before eating. Apple with honey provides ample fiber and energy to keep you going for the day. 
  • Adding a little honey to chicken pieces before grilling it over a barbeque can definitely make lives more interesting. A low calorie caramelized grilled chicken can for sure give a treat to your taste buds. 
  • Apple with honey can be given  twist by sprinkling cinnamon powder over it.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Benefits of Skin Bleaching

The desire for a radiant, light and clear skin has been prevalent since the times immemorial. For this very purpose bleaching is a common cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin and face tone. A good bleaching cream can also remove sun spots, tanning, unwanted blemishes and some signs of ageing. It is a chemical treatment which makes the complexion more smooth and fine. Unlike any usual face wash which gives a superficial glow, bleaching enhances the skin tone from the inside.

face wash
The whitening agents used in bleaching creams regularly include Botanicals, Mercury, Topical Retinoid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone. However this treatment might not be effective on many skin tones which are sensitive. In this particular case the experts recommend that you should apply a small portion of the whitening agent to your skin to check how it reacts with the skin to prevent side-effect of any type. To others there are a variety of benefits they can avail with the use of facial bleach. Some of these are:

-The most basic advantage of using bleach is that it lightens the skin tone by keeping a check on the melanin content of the skin. Bleaching also works wonders when it is subjected to fighting the tan. Although it should be kept into account that this bleaching effect is not permanent and often reduces after a while. To ensure best results bleach at regular interval of time.

-Facial bleach also improves the glow of the skin. Bleaching works well in rejuvenating the skin while it combats the dullness, augmenting the dullness thereby.

-Bleaching the skin also helps in revitalizing and boosting the texture of the skin. Bleach at fixed time intervals aids in softening the skin.

-It facilitates the removal of dead cells, black heads and white heads which often makes the skin unhealthy and rough.

-Many types of blemishes and dark spots can be treated by using bleach. By removing the dirt from the skin pores and cells it abets the skin with youthful radiance. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Rejuvenate your Skin Organically

Obsession with fair skin is not an unknown fetish in many parts of the country. However it is the flawless and smooth skin which matters. It is in fact an accomplishment to flaunt an organically radiant skin. While there is an increase in skin problems owing to several biological and physical environments there are various skin diseases which come unwarranted with age. Limiting your approach to mere fairness creams is in fact ignoring the knock of diverse skin problems. Apart from losing the natural skin texture age leads to reduced skin elasticity and lucidity. Wrinkles and fine lines then give a tough battle.

Fighting skin problems with regular face wash is no less than undermining and misunderstanding the needs of your skin. What you need to understand that nourishing your skin internally is the only plausible solution. Stress and poor diet might be the biggest reasons you are struggling against skin damage. While you are looking for ways to replenish naturally, here are some to help you:

-Keep your Skin Moisturized

Lock an ageless skin with a moisturizer. Help your skin with a daily dose of moisturizer which in turn reduces the wrinkles around your face. You can use an avocado-honey moisturizer; it acts as temporary filler for the stubborn wrinkles. Blend fresh cream, avocado and honey together and apply it for half an hour on your face and see the result and fairness yourself.

-Bid farewell to acnes

Practice using basil toner in a routine. Apart from being an antiseptic it improves the circulation.

-Have Fresh Fruit Salad

Not only does it boosts the energy levels it is an antioxidant which removes toxins from your skin. It also keeps sun damage at bay while pushing the blood circulation for good.

-Sweat Hard

A routine exercise is not only important for your body but for your body systems as well. Activities like aerobics and meditation help you cleanse and oil the body functions.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Creative Ways to Use Your Bridal Wear

So, finally that you have tied the most sacred knot in life, things are settled down, you are all done with all those tiring wedding affairs. Good enough! But if similar to many brides, this thought that you have had invested a lot in your wedding attire and now that functions ate all over, what will you do with it? Well, no one would preferably wear it again, even in a cousin’s or sister’s marriage. Except that it can be used once a year, i.e. the wedding anniversary. Well, not really! So what’s going to be the solution? Well, if you happen to be struggling with similar questions then follow up the blog makes mention of creative ways to team up with your bridal lehnga and spell cast a magical presence in an occasion:

Lighten up: obviously you won't really wish to look like a bride on someone's wedding so what can be done is instead of flaunting that wedding semblance, you can lighten up the overall look, varying from the bridal make up that you got done to the dress. Let the heavily embroidered blouse be the way as it is, but team it up with a silk long skirt and to add-in the girly grace by sporting a vibrant dupatta. It would look great, isn’t it?

Custom based sari- it’s acknowledged there are loaded memories attached with the bridal wear, but merely stashing the wonderful dress in closets would be more paining. So to avoid such heart breaking thing, you can use your bridal dress innovatively. Get in touch with a designer, probably with the one who designed your bridal lengha and ask him to add extra fabric, (if needed), else attach the dupatta itself in a way that it takes in a perfect shape as that of a saree pallu. Now your leghna would be good to go with in a relative’s wedding or any other party. Now you will have an extra dress to flaunt, that too without splurging in excess. If you think what sort of makeup would be good to go with, no worries, seek beauty salon expert advice to get that intended looks.

More creative ways, to be coming in soon but till then stay hooked to the space!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Becoming a makeup artist

Beauty is your art and body is your canvas. From behind every pretty face that glams up the tabloids and streams through the silver screen peeks an immensely talented artist. The job is the right concoction of glamour, fame and money for those who are truly skilled and talented.
So do you think you have it in you? Have makeup brushes and cosmetics been your playthings? Do you enjoy transforming looks? Then get ready to join a makeup course and launch yourself in the mainstream. But before you materialize your ambitions just know what’s in their in the fare.

Just the first step you would take towards your dream is by joining a professional makeup courses and later choose a specialization in your favourite field. You can be a hair stylist a film artist, personal artist etc. Check out the best institutes that offer courses in this field. However, be mindful of where you invest your time and money. Since there are too many options around, keep in mind that branding and reputation of your institute does matter. So choose big names which provide other beauty courses and diploma in health as well. Though, neglecting the curriculum completely is not wise as well. Talk to alumni and see where they are placed. Do a thorough research as this is the most important aspect of your career.

A short specialization
You will sure learn over years even when you are an established name. But taking professional aid can speed up the process. Best is to start your career and pursue it as a part time course. This will give you hands on practical experience plus economic support as well.

Where to

Most good institutes have a very god placement platform so your first job should be easy. Most probably you would be absorbed atone of the exclusive salons in town, which is great for the beginning. You will get immense exposure and a lot of practice. With numerous customers coming in, you will get to experiment with different faces, textures, tones, styles and looks. The bulk of the work will train you in the nuances and by end of can year you can literally dab makeup blindfolded. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Health Benefits of Eating Salads

Salad has a bad reputation amongst the youth owing to the fact that these are generally associated with losing weight and a part of some strict diet chart. The stereotypes about having these salads border on jest and include things like a dieting girlfriend who will never order anything except salad and choose starving or to vegetarians with limited eating options and the worst of all a predecessor to the main course. There are many people who don’t order a salad alone or a salad only when eating out and hesitate from including these with their homemade food. But all these stereotypes fail to acknowledge the health benefits as enjoyed by your body and thereby health states an expert in a course in nutrition.

Dietician course

Salads can be as artful as you want them to be, full of flavors and you have no idea how nutritious these are. Despite the fact these are easy to make you generally skip having these and blame your ‘no-time’ schedule for you are too healthy to ensure that salads form an indispensible part of your diet plan. You don’t need to be a proficient in some dietician course to recognize the health benefits of a salad these can be easily identified by their wide availability on the menus of even the best restaurants. Few of these are:

-Cut Calories and Increase Satisfaction

If you want to lose weight then cutting on the calorie count should be your first priority. The best way of doing this is including green salads in your diet. Ask any one with a dietician course and they’ll suggest you the same. To achieve satisfaction which the sense of fullness it is best to increase the size of your salad.

-For Good Fats

Intake of  little good fat with vegetables help the body in absorbing protective phytochemicals like lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from dark green vegetables. Some of these beneficial fats include monounsaturated fats as found in olive oil, avocado and nuts. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Prep-up for the grand occasion - Part 2

In conjunction to the last post titled as ‘prep-up well for the grand occasion’, here are the other considerable secrets laid bare for the would-be bride:  

Flexible footwear: no matter how comfortable you are in heels, it might be a daunting affair to carry it off well that day. So what you can do is instead of going too high with heels, prefer something with less intricacies. Remember there’s a lot that would call for sincere consideration and above all, when its monsoons, it would be apt to avoid taking any sort of risk and enjoy the big day flawlessly.  

Beauty school

Hair styling: when it’s pouring all over, you just can’t skip asking for good hair styling as humidity in the air might make your hair look absolutely lifeless than ever, says a beauty school professional. So prior to the wedding day, go easy on conditioners to add in volume to hair and make it look greasy. Do not forget to be on a healthy diet, which ideally should be followed weeks before the wedding day. This will surely come as an added bonus in disguise of radiant looks. 

Water proof make is must: well, this is something that needs no justification. Nothing can compensate for the embarrassment that can perhaps happen with the melting make up. So to avoid of hindrance on the big day, make sure that you are all set for it. 

Avoid usage of cream-oriented products: going by pros recommendation, this is something that can make a big time difference in the overall getup. Like spa enables the would-be bride to flaunt radiant looks, powdered makeup works magically, concede noted spa courses pro. Cream based products are best suited in winters. Try and avoid oily masks, make up or anything as such that becomes a source of embarrassment.

Over boarding shimmers- a big no: similar to the wedding outfit, it’s advised not to overboard shimmers and glitters in any way. It’s going to be a regretting otherwise. This is where instead of taking advices on own, rely on the professionals as they will help you in a better way. 

So as a whole, these few imperatives play a vital role for a bride, if taken into consideration on a serious note.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Prep-up for the grand occasion - Part 1

Deep down a girl’s heart, there’s hub house of emotions and excitement for her big day. There’s certainly nothing wrong, if she expects to make best of this beautiful day. But amidst all, monsoon weddings bring along own share of anxieties and humidity has to be accredited for the same, says makeup courses expert. Well, this season welcomes a few issues however the fact remains unchanged that it’s a big day for the would be bride and she can enjoy each and every moment as intended. Here’s a low down of different tips that will make a big time difference for the bride. 

Bridal wear:  Indian weddings are undeniably synonymous to heavy jewellery, lehnga, gorgy make up. But in monsoons, stretching and going a bit extra might create mess for. So instead of sticking to conventional heavy lehnga, thinking only diploma in health degree would be a life saver, finalize bridal wear smartly. Finalize such dress that does not become problematic. Go with lighter options of fabric such as light satin or pure siffon. 

Avoid bling getup: well, kilos of sparkling stones on lehnga won’t look good and thus, it is advised to go with something simple and avoid being too blingy in any way. Going by recommendation of well-acclaimed designers, a would-be bride is already too anxious to handle stress, simpler things should be opted. This way it won’t take a toll on bride’s semblance and still she will make the best of her wedding, the way she have had thought of. At times, light yet sober work can accentuate the overall semblance. Intricate designing has to be avoided. 

Well, these two are a merely two things out of many that makes a big time difference while prepping up for wedding.  A lot more coming soon, till then stay in tune to this space…

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Herbal Tips for Glowing Skin

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the kind of battle that rages inside a woman’s brain when she looks at herself in the mirror every day. Be it the acne or blemishes marring the skin’s texture and tone, or haemoglobin issues making the skin look all pale and lifeless, women don’t think twice before hopping into a nearby beauty parlour.

However, visiting hair salons and beauty parlours that slop nothing but chemicals on your face and hair, and that too at tiniest of issues may end up taking a toll on your physical being. Going herbal is a panacea to most issues that many women find themselves irrevocably grappling with. Try your skin on at few of these herbal tricks!

1. Grapes. Yes, you saw it right. Take some grapes and rub them on your face for the mesmerizing glow. You can also mash them to make a paste and then apply it on your face.

2. Make a melange of cucumber, rose water and glycerine and apply it on your face before steping out into the sun.  Treat yourself to a similar treatment after getting back too.

3. Mix honey and cream to keep dryness at bay. The concoction is particularly helpful in winters as it helps the skin maintain its natural glow and sheen which is otherwise robbed by winter winds.

4. A concoction of fresh milk, salt and lime juice makes for a perfect delight for skin; it opens the skin pores and cleans them to lend a fresh and rejuvenated look to your skin.

5. If face wrinkles are driving you nuts, then apply a pack of cabbage juice and honey on your face. The intense herbal properties help fight wrinkles and keep them away.

These are just a few tips and tricks that can get you that glow of your dreams. For more thrilling and innovative ideas, stay tuned to our blog.

Stay Protected from Monsoon Woes

Monsoon is the most awaited time of the year. A respite from hot summers, monsoon sows the seed for beauty in nature. However it is during the season that body’s resistance to diseases like jaundice and dysentery among others is organically reduced. Apart from your internal body system it is your skin and hair which suffers the most damage.

So, if you are suffering from monsoon blues, we have these tips for you to help you reduce the damage the rains can inflict-

-People with dry skin end up having a more dehydrated skin. You must use a good body lotion , which aids your skin to hold the water outside for  a softer look.

--For cleansing and exfoliating purposes, prepare a paste of crushed almonds and honey, and apply the same for five to seven minutes.

-For an itchy scalp neem oil is the best remedy. Also avoid using hair dryer whenever necessary; instead use a dry towel to remove moisture from your hair.

-Use cool herbs like fennel, coriander leaves and Indian gooseberry instead of chemically treated body lotion for a glowing skin. Amla which is rich in Vitamin C, help in detoxifying liver and facilitates digestion.

-Wear good quality makeup. Remember to keep it protected from humidity and pollution.

-Damp skin is a breeding ground for all kinds of fungal infections so it is highly recommended to keep the folds of your skin and feet dry and clean every time. .

-With a variety of hair products around, choose wisely and consult an expert before you try any. Thrice a week hair wash with a mild shampoo might work the trick for you. A regular hair spa and massage is strongly advisable.

-Avoid alcohol-based skin cleanser, it adds to the dryness. Instead use herbal soap to fight the excess oil, grime, pollution and infections.

Done with these tips, the last and most important advice is stop fretting over these and do not  forget enjoying monsoon this season. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shea Butter: A one-stop solution for all your beauty needs

Women even in their early twenties have admitted skin care regimen sits high on their agenda. A majority is of the view, adverse climatic conditions, pollution, stress, lack of proper nutrients and a gamut of other factors deters the youthful appearance typical to the age, if left unattended. So, even young age is not spared from a strict skincare routine.

spa courses

Spa courses experts are of the view, if tended carefully from an early age, the transition from youth to middle age and then to maturity is easier and graceful. But who has the time to tend each and every part separately. A uniform solution with a large spectrum of solutions is required. And Shea butter is a wonderful ingredient that is a one-stop solution for most skin needs. Moisturization, skin repair, rejuvenation and healing rough and chapped portions—you name it you have it.

This wonder element is used all over at beauty schools and best salons and is found in most cosmetics as well. All anti-ageing and deep moisture serums for skin and scalp care often use this. Here is how you can use it at home.

·         A cup of refined Shea butter
·         A few drops of your favourite natural fragrance like lavender oil, rose oil, jasmine extracts etc.
·         ½ cup coconut oil
·         ½ cup of a light carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil etc.
·         ½ cup Aloe Gel
·         Tea tree oil
·         Neem Oil


Take large saucepan and fill it one third with water. Now take all your oils and butters and put them in separate containers. Float these into the water vessel and wait till they melt into uniform consistency. Now take them off the heat and mix well in a glass bowl. Now add the aloe gel and mix well to remove inconsistency. Finally put the fragrance, tea tree oil and neem oil and store in a container and refrigerate.

This mixture is a uniform remedy for all your beauty woes. The tea tree and neem extracts regulate oil production and fight acne, infections and blemishes. Aloe soothes and clarifies your skin while shea butter and other oils fulfil the hydration needs. Use it as a body toner, hair mask or hand and foot cream. It revitalizes rough, dull and unmanageable hairs, softens rough cuticles and heals chapped heels. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Beating the Stereotypes: Making a career in Makeup!

The universe has had enough of engineers, doctors and Chartered Accountants. Not that it doesn’t need them anymore- the universe that is, but the fact that every second person is treading into the stereotyped territories is slightly unsettling. With a gamut of opportunities being sliced open by the businesses today, it has become easier to follow one’s dream without having to chase the typical engineer’s or doctor’s way.

beauty academy

Take a career in the beauty industry, for instance. Nowadays, many beauty academy are being set up at every nook and corner of the country to encourage people who have a passion for the field, to take their interests forward. A career as a makeup artist or a beautician is often subjected to a lot of prejudice, considering the status symbol issues mindlessly pivoted to them.  To beat the mindless game, many bold students are getting themselves enrolled in makeup courses of varying degrees.

Makeup courses have paved way for people who have the knack for making others look beautiful. Be it about doing different hair dos or thrusting all the makeup the right and clean way, makeup courses have come a long way. These courses groom the students and embed in them the skills that are expected of a makeup artist.

One question that looms large over any person who aspires to become a makeup artist is- What qualification does it take to get into a makeup course? The answer is inherently simple; clean 10th or 12th grade results, with business acumen is required to take up a makeup course. Graduation is not an issue; even if you are not a graduate, you can easily follow the path to become a renowned makeup artist, for all it takes to be one is an eye for aesthetics and the creativity to enhance the customer’s semblance. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Facial Bleaches in Summers? Of course Yes!

Fairness- this word seems to have been taken too seriously by India at large. India- a country that happens to be the largest market for skin whitening and fairness facial bleaches in the entire world.

That Indians contribute more than sixty percent to the Fairness facials and facial bleach business, thanks to their fixation for fairness. This might sound rather perturbing to some, but the truth is far from disturbing; Skin whitening facial bleaches actually work, to a certain extent.

While fairness creams have amassed flak for their short term effects, facial bleaches have garnered acclaim for providing the right tone and texture.

The credibility of fairness creams is gradually getting tarnished due to their sick results. In such a scenario, skin whitening facial bleaches are getting increasingly, and invariably popular among women. Facials not only render your skin clear and attractive, but also ensure that you never have to wear the dark matches that scurry the radiance of your face.

Fairness creams and sunblocks promise to prevent skin tanning and sunburns. But to much dismay of people, they never deliver the promise. That’s precisely where facial bleaches come into the portrait to cure it of every skin scurrying issue. They not only remove facial tanning but also beef up the facial beauty.

If there is anything left to be summated in the ever growing list of Facial bleaches’ advantages, then it has to be their ability to fight back wrinkles and ageing. They add an enchanting and a youthful glow to your skin, hence leaving it freshly radiated.

Women who spend a lot of time under the reign of the seething sun must use facial bleaches frequently. True fairness creams and sunblocks are used as precautionary measures, but there is only so much that they alone can do save your skin from the sun. Facial bleaches, in that case, treats and pampers your skin just the right way!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Obesity is putting your Life at Stake

I don’t need to emphasize on the importance of a healthy living. But what bothers me is the fact that in spite of realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, why is that about 20 million of India’s population suffers from obesity and related problems? It can be understood that at times health related problems like underactive thyroid and several psychiatric drugs can add weight pounds to your body but what is highly disagreeable is that this ‘obesity-epidemic’ as many experts for weight reduction call it, can be widely seen in  people having a lot of junk food and not exercise. 

weight reduction

You are obese if you weigh at least more than 20% of what is considered your normal weight in relation to your height.  Consumption of lots of calories and a sedentary lifestyle are mainly responsible hampering your weight reduction mechanism. Since you being over-weight is not a cosmetic problem, there are long lasting and life-threatening effects associated with it. Some common ones are-

-Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

 It is caused by the blockage of oxygen carrying coronary arteries and reduction in blood flow to the heart muscle. If left untreated can lead to heart failure.

-High Blood Pressure

 A sustained increase or decrease in the pressure oxygenated blood puts against the walls of arteries while heart pumps the blood, can cause serious mortal problems. A diet to lose weight will come in handy to treat the condition. 

-Type 2 diabetes

It is an ability of body to use insulin properly, exposing you to early death, CHD, stroke, kidney disease and blindness. 

Try home-made remedies at first like green tea, drink hot water, start your day with honey, include vegetables and fruits in your diet to lose weight among many others which you can try. 

Remember for enjoying everything else in your life you need to work hard towards leading a healthy and fit life.  Stay put and pump up a strong will and commitment will surely help you through. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Get a Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day!

An amount that can only be imagined in a reverie is what goes into materializing a wedding into reality. Add another dimension- ‘efforts at making the bride look impeccable’, and you would know the actual stuff that goes into making a wedding a successful event.

Bridal make up is something that you wouldn't want to sacrifice in a million years. And that’s probably because you would never get a million chances to be a bride (or can you?!) There is always that one day where you would like to look nothing but the best; even ‘best’ would be an understatement.

The most important thing for a bride is to ensure that her skin looks healthy and glowing on her wedding day. Sounds like an easy deal, but only the bride can understand the wrath of an unhealthy looking skin that robs her off that warm wedding glow. In case the bride is battling with acne, she needs to pull her sleeves and socks up way before the D day to get rid of the monster. Acne treatments need to be commenced at least a month before you get busy with other preparations.

Start with exfoliating your skin using only a trusted brand of cream and lotion. Exfoliation is the key to skin revival, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. After all, excess of everything is bad!

Brutal exposure to sun is one of the major reasons why acne pop up shamelessly on your skin. Make sure that you don’t loiter into the sunlight for too long; even when you do, make sure that you have dollops of sunscreen plastered on your face. Sunscreen protects the skin form harsh damage and leaves your skin smooth and glowing, too.

Homemade remedies like Ice, Cinnamon and Honey, peels of Potato, paste of apple and honey and green tea bags can be applied raw on the face to give that wedding glow to your skin!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bid Adieu to Temporary Straightening Techniques

Needless to say, everyone likes to look beautiful, but the sad part is that not everyone is blessed with such a physique or looks that they would be complemented for the same every now and then. But the good part is that there are ample solutions out there at cosmetology centres that will enable to look as flawless as you have had wished for all your life.

Long hair- an eternally in vogue, but not every girl is lucky to have that. Thus, have to rely on different alternatives to look good. In such an atmosphere, wherein everyone is exposed to such dirt-filled surroundings, it becomes a next to impossible thing to avoid these and this consequentially, takes a toll on hair, making it look dull and dry. Well, hair spa is a solution against the same. It is advised that those who have been struggling with split ends, dull and rough hair, do take hair spa. If it’s not really possible to go for a hair spa every month, make it once within every two month must-do thing.

If you are struggling with hair loss problems then do not mistake of using those hot hair ironing machines, as it will worsen the hair condition and no matter how good  hair loss treatment you will resort to, it will be of no help whatsoever. Thus, try and avoid hair straitening machines and go for permanent hair rebonding or smoothing.

What’s must this monsoon for you girls?

Monsoon- a much loved season, but only till when you have leverage to sip a hot cup of coffee at your place and watch rain from your big glass window indeed. The moment it comes to stepping out of your place to office or anywhere whatsoever, suddenly preferences change, especially amid girls. Needless to say, girls are very much particular about the way they look, but what if a slight negligence in monsoon season pours water to their look…no certainly not! Fret not! Though monsoon comes with its own share of worries for girls, there are many ways to combat the stress and flaunt your way out in the very same way as you always do. 

makeup courses

On a foremost note, make sure that anything that’s not water proof is a big ‘No-No’. Water proof make-up is a must in monsoon, says an expert of a beauty academy. Do not over do make up in any way because a slight carelessness will make you feel make up rolling down your cheek, which would be the last wished for thing, says a professional of Makeup courses. Thus, make sure that you do not apply a bucket-full of make up this monsoon. Keep it simple yet sober. If you are an office going girl, then you are recommended not to step out without applying three basic things- kajal or a liner, lip balm and foundation with a light tone, obvious. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Different types of Sunblocks

We all have seen so many commercials and advertisements about different types of sunscreens in our televisions competing each other by showing the best advantages of their individual brands. Since, we all love to roam outside when our skin is exposed to sun either while swimming, shopping or hanging out, we need to choose one of the best suited sunblock for us so that our skin can be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun that ultimately destroys our skin or even tan it. Also, some people use scrub to put a liquid on their face that is applied for about 10-15 minutes that releases all the dirt and dead cells from the skin. But, that would be a longer process if we are in a hurry and we need to just put a sunscreen. So, before choosing one we need to know the types of sunscreens that we have in front of us to choose from.


1.    Chemical sunscreens: Basically these are the products that are manufactured by suing some of the chemicals that absorbs the harmful rays of the sun but don't let them reach to your skin and ultimately protects it.

2.    Physical Sunscreens: These are the sunscreens that are particularly made by zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The basic difference between this one and the chemical ones is that the chemical sunscreens absorbs the rays but these sunscreens reflect back the rays and other radiations and don't let them reach your skin.

Water resistant: We might not know that UV rays can even pass through water and these is one of the sunblock that is made specially for the people who are more into swimming or water sports so these are water resistant and protect you from the harmful UV rays even when you are in water.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Serums for hair maintenance

I am not blessed with smooth silky hair and hence, I need to use serums to keep my strands in shape and not like I just walked into an electric pole. The use of traditional methods to keep frizzy hair in control has been natural oils extracted from coconut as the texture is thick and keeps the strands down in place.

Today, with the onset of many hair care and skin care products, options are unlimited and there is no dearth of choices. Likewise hair, we also need to use products to preserve the natural body oils, which is why the use of a body lotion serum with essential oils that penetrate the dermis layers is crucial. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and PH value balanced.

body lotion

There are a number of traditional treatments that employ the use of hair products and oils made from natural ingredients and since the demand for less or non-sticky hair oil is high, serums were introduced to cater to hair concerns. These offer each strand with nourishing ingredients that hydrate the roots and keeps frizz in control. Some of the best serums infuse instant moisture-lock technology that result in a glossy finish and keeps the scalp hydrated for longer duration.

Opt for a serum that leaves no residue as this can cause pore blockage, resulting in dirt trap that can further aggravate the skin causing rashes and irritation. The need to maintain hair health is as important as skin health that is crucial to good personal hygiene and overall wellness. A serum that offers a residue-free finish allows the scalp to breathe and keeps greasiness at bay. Despite the light texture, such serums tend to comprise of a rich blend of ingredients that nourishes, repair and protects against environmental damage. To recognise one, read the label that should have cold-pressed certified and organic oils printed on it.