Friday, 27 December 2013

Minimal Makeup and the Perfect Look!

Make-up essentials are considered to be the way to a woman’s heart. It is a common perception to believe that women are crazy about makeup. But not all of us like that plastic cover over our faces. Some of us despise the gaudy shades and unreal feel that we get when we look at our reflection.

However, that doesn’t mean we do not yean for that flawless beauty and perfect look. If you belong to the same category with Kajal, Gloss and Face wash as your best friends and your sole makeup artist; then nude makeup is the answer to your wishes.

No Foundation Just Soufflé

The irresistible even skin tone that you see and yearn for, isn’t natural. The 90% of women do not look like that, nobody can be 100% even toned and blemish free, but certainly they can appear to be. This is the trick; apply a thin layer of your usual moisturizer and dab on a little daily wear soufflĂ©. If you do not have that, then a good quality foundation can also do the trick. Ooze out a drop or two and spread it evenly with a moist sponge. Do not forget the neck, earlobes, and eyes; extend a stroke or two over them as well.

The Kiss of Blush

Yes, I promised that these tips are for makeup despisers but try once, and you won’t regret. All you need is a cake of blush (the color of the inside of your lower lip) and your bare finger tips. Yes you are right; you can go ahead and discard the applicator. Take a little on the first three fingers and dab it on the apple of your cheeks. Use the thumb to spread it in circular motions towards the cheekbone. Press the leftover on the high of your cheek.

Your Old Pals, Kajal and Gloss

You know the trick; here you don’t need any instructions. Just make sure that you chose a gloss with a hint of color. If you wish, you can add a little super gloss or shimmer on the center of your lips for the kissable pout. So get going girl! You got the sexy look.

P.S. Do not forget a face wash prior to bedtime.

Monday, 23 December 2013

The Complete Guide on How to Look Youthful

Looks is a factor or a desire that every individual wants to excel in and want to have an everlasting youthful skin with no types of spots or any skin problems. This desire of looking gorgeous is not a dream of today’s world but ever since the invention of mankind people have always given the prior attention to looks and their skin. But in the present scenario of the modern world, people are stressed due to the increased skin problems and the sole reason behind this is the harmful pollution.

As with every passing day the pollution level is increasing, in the same manner this harmful pollution and the harmful sunrays are producing faded skin with large number of wrinkle lines along with numerous other skin problems like acnes and pimples. Are you searching on ways to have a control on your acnes and pimples, and then you should surely undergo the Acne treatment as this is the best method that can very effectively solve the acne problem and even clean your skin so that you won’t have any such problems in the future.

Acne and Anti Ageing Treatment

The acne treatment has gained huge demand with time because of its effectiveness and the high results. This treatment will remove all the impurities, dirt and dust that has stick to your skin and even clean the pores which contains impurities which will enhance the skin texture and make you glow and at the same time even protect your skin from further acne formations. Apart from these benefits, this treatment can also help in removing the various blackheads, whiteheads and the spots present in the skin and ensure a better quality skin.

The pollution has many side effects and one of the strong side effects and one of the most side effect is the wrinkle lines which makes the skin look dull and faded and if you want solutions for that they you should undergo the anti ageing treatment as this has the power of making the skin look youthful and nurtures the skin with shine.

But while undergoing these treatments, make sure you are using the best products and consulting with the best service providers so that you won’t have any irritation in the skin as sometimes some products creates side effects for different type of skins. You may even undergo the anti ageing treatment which guarantees you of perfect removal of the wrinkle lines and the lines of stress. This treatment will make your skin shine naturally and removes all types of mark and even outs the skin tone and complexion.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Various courses in a beauty academy

Beauty academies are those institutions where people can go in order to attend a course in beauty education and training. There is a wide range of courses offered by these institutes and among all the courses, following three are the top sough-after courses- makeup, esthetics, and cosmetology. 


VLCC Academy
VLCC Academy
Attending a course in Cosmetology offered beauty techniques and tips, which are already available and known to experts. As part of cosmetology beauty classes, the students get to learn various techniques used in the tasks of general skin care, general makeup, hair color, cutting and styling of hair, and cleansing of hair, etc. The hair cleansing course includes various techniques which are used in order to clean the hair and prepare them for later operations like coloring or styling. Learning which technique is suitable in what conditions, knowing the allergies, and understanding different techniques for different hair types is also a part of this technique in a beauty academy. The course of cosmetology also includes styling and cutting of hair. Hair cutting and styling is all about satisfying the client and meeting their preferences; the students get to learn the basic tips on how to do this and some expert solutions too. They are also taught to judge the type of hair cut and styling based on the hair type of a particular client and looks of him. In the coloring course, they are taught how to mix the colors and how to apply them precisely to get maximum and best results.

Makeup Art:

Makeup art is yet another course that is offered by a beauty academy. While in most of the institutes, the course of a makeup artist is covered with the cosmetology beauty classes, some institutes offer this as a separate course. In this course, the students are given deep insights of the makeup art such as how to select colors, using the makeup products in the ideal manner, and how to prepare various makeup items. Following the fashion trends and creating makeup themes according to the client preferences is an important aspect of this course. This course may also include some side arts other than facial makeup, such as nail art.


A course in esthetics includes all the other skin care and beauty treatments that don’t use makeup accessory; instead these techniques rely on methods like dermatology treatments, reconstruction clinic, and spas. Some of these courses include technique like pedicure, manicure, waxing, facials, etc as well.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Effective Ways to Get that Instant Facial Glow

If you one of those that are tired of craze beauty products that claim to work but do not then it is time to hit a beauty parlour and get the experts to do the job they are best at. You need not despair nor get depressed to watch others look smashing in an occasion while you hide yourself behind a pillar or stand at one corner.

While there are methods that will get you results at home, getting your make-up done and that too that can be compared to the likes of a bridal make up can only be done professionally. Relying on market retailed cosmetics that appear easy to use and utilizes simple and convenient application in no time does sound tempting, but the real trick of the trade can only be achieved when it is done correctly and by an expert who is well trained in that field.

Beauty parlours are established to ensure that quick, efficient and perfect occasional make up or party make up can be achieved. Moreover, the time spent at home struggling with a bunch of cosmetics and brushes can be daunting. This is when visiting a salon and getting the job done efficiently and hassle free is the way forward. There are many people who keep experimenting with different products, but despite the tall claims made by these, the end result is not that effective as the one done by professionals.

Thus, instead of relying on such products to perform bridal make up, or a special occasion at home, get a revamped look at salons of repute. Along with professional help for special events, ensure that you prep your skin for that extra glow by drinking plenty of water through the day and indulging in a well-balanced diet packed with nutrients and health benefits.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Things to Keep in Mind in Skincare

Fairness is integral to beauty and with the demand for such products, it has become even more competitive for manufacturers to produce potent and effective products. Leaving that aside, if you have ever spoken to a teenager suffering from dermatological concerns, the only response that you get is a depressing one considering the fact that every single teenage would die for a flawless complexion and this is when we doubt whether such products do work or just make tall claims.

Fair skin and lustrous hair are just two of the many desires of any girl growing up. They want to have the best of all; however, do need a heads up on beauty tips to enhance fairness in the long term basis. It is not just about that you attaining fairness, but about maintaining healthy skin.

Employing scrubs, face masks and creams is just not enough, what teenagers need is a regular skincare regime that is charted according to their skin type and sensitivity. Facial enhancement products and a good diet are important if you are serious about maintaining your overall health and consequentially, this leads to a glowing complexion.

To help teens combat skin related concerns, follow the ‘3 simple rules’ of ‘Eat Healthy,’ ‘Sleep well,’ and ‘workout regularly.’ If you incorporate these into your daily regime, improved texture and colour is what you shall notice. The need to religiously and consistently follow a routine chart is important if you really want long term results. If you are always outdoors or a working person, exfoliate daily using a light scrub made of natural exfoliators to remove dead and dry cells. Also, employ cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily. Drink lots of water to ensure that the skin is well hydrated.