Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Honey and warm water to aid weight loss

Remember how your grandmother used to tell you about the great, great benefits of having honey with lemon? And remember how you used to dismiss all the benefits with an utter disregard for its taste?

If you really did dismiss it, now will be the right time to know that you did wrong, for a spoon of honey a day could offer you wonders, says an expert at a beauty academy.

beauty academy

A teaspoon of honey mixed well in a glass of warm water can help shedding those extra pounds. At the same time it also maintains the calorie content of your body and flushes out harmful toxins, too.

If you have misconceptions about honey, frivolous that they might be, it is the time to get them in place.  Just read on!

  • Substituting the sugar in your milk or drinks can cut down over 63% of calories. 
  • If you are a sweet tooth and often find yourself mindlessly indulging in sugar packed desserts and drinks, try honey for a healthy take. You can keep a check on empty calories while curbing those bouts of unhealthy munchings. 
  • The honey-warm water mixture helps detoxicate your body by flushing out all the toxins. 
Here is how you can use honey in other ways too.
  • Cut an apple and dip its pieces into honey before eating. Apple with honey provides ample fiber and energy to keep you going for the day. 
  • Adding a little honey to chicken pieces before grilling it over a barbeque can definitely make lives more interesting. A low calorie caramelized grilled chicken can for sure give a treat to your taste buds. 
  • Apple with honey can be given  twist by sprinkling cinnamon powder over it.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Benefits of Skin Bleaching

The desire for a radiant, light and clear skin has been prevalent since the times immemorial. For this very purpose bleaching is a common cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin and face tone. A good bleaching cream can also remove sun spots, tanning, unwanted blemishes and some signs of ageing. It is a chemical treatment which makes the complexion more smooth and fine. Unlike any usual face wash which gives a superficial glow, bleaching enhances the skin tone from the inside.

face wash
The whitening agents used in bleaching creams regularly include Botanicals, Mercury, Topical Retinoid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone. However this treatment might not be effective on many skin tones which are sensitive. In this particular case the experts recommend that you should apply a small portion of the whitening agent to your skin to check how it reacts with the skin to prevent side-effect of any type. To others there are a variety of benefits they can avail with the use of facial bleach. Some of these are:

-The most basic advantage of using bleach is that it lightens the skin tone by keeping a check on the melanin content of the skin. Bleaching also works wonders when it is subjected to fighting the tan. Although it should be kept into account that this bleaching effect is not permanent and often reduces after a while. To ensure best results bleach at regular interval of time.

-Facial bleach also improves the glow of the skin. Bleaching works well in rejuvenating the skin while it combats the dullness, augmenting the dullness thereby.

-Bleaching the skin also helps in revitalizing and boosting the texture of the skin. Bleach at fixed time intervals aids in softening the skin.

-It facilitates the removal of dead cells, black heads and white heads which often makes the skin unhealthy and rough.

-Many types of blemishes and dark spots can be treated by using bleach. By removing the dirt from the skin pores and cells it abets the skin with youthful radiance. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Rejuvenate your Skin Organically

Obsession with fair skin is not an unknown fetish in many parts of the country. However it is the flawless and smooth skin which matters. It is in fact an accomplishment to flaunt an organically radiant skin. While there is an increase in skin problems owing to several biological and physical environments there are various skin diseases which come unwarranted with age. Limiting your approach to mere fairness creams is in fact ignoring the knock of diverse skin problems. Apart from losing the natural skin texture age leads to reduced skin elasticity and lucidity. Wrinkles and fine lines then give a tough battle.

Fighting skin problems with regular face wash is no less than undermining and misunderstanding the needs of your skin. What you need to understand that nourishing your skin internally is the only plausible solution. Stress and poor diet might be the biggest reasons you are struggling against skin damage. While you are looking for ways to replenish naturally, here are some to help you:

-Keep your Skin Moisturized

Lock an ageless skin with a moisturizer. Help your skin with a daily dose of moisturizer which in turn reduces the wrinkles around your face. You can use an avocado-honey moisturizer; it acts as temporary filler for the stubborn wrinkles. Blend fresh cream, avocado and honey together and apply it for half an hour on your face and see the result and fairness yourself.

-Bid farewell to acnes

Practice using basil toner in a routine. Apart from being an antiseptic it improves the circulation.

-Have Fresh Fruit Salad

Not only does it boosts the energy levels it is an antioxidant which removes toxins from your skin. It also keeps sun damage at bay while pushing the blood circulation for good.

-Sweat Hard

A routine exercise is not only important for your body but for your body systems as well. Activities like aerobics and meditation help you cleanse and oil the body functions.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Creative Ways to Use Your Bridal Wear

So, finally that you have tied the most sacred knot in life, things are settled down, you are all done with all those tiring wedding affairs. Good enough! But if similar to many brides, this thought that you have had invested a lot in your wedding attire and now that functions ate all over, what will you do with it? Well, no one would preferably wear it again, even in a cousin’s or sister’s marriage. Except that it can be used once a year, i.e. the wedding anniversary. Well, not really! So what’s going to be the solution? Well, if you happen to be struggling with similar questions then follow up the blog makes mention of creative ways to team up with your bridal lehnga and spell cast a magical presence in an occasion:

Lighten up: obviously you won't really wish to look like a bride on someone's wedding so what can be done is instead of flaunting that wedding semblance, you can lighten up the overall look, varying from the bridal make up that you got done to the dress. Let the heavily embroidered blouse be the way as it is, but team it up with a silk long skirt and to add-in the girly grace by sporting a vibrant dupatta. It would look great, isn’t it?

Custom based sari- it’s acknowledged there are loaded memories attached with the bridal wear, but merely stashing the wonderful dress in closets would be more paining. So to avoid such heart breaking thing, you can use your bridal dress innovatively. Get in touch with a designer, probably with the one who designed your bridal lengha and ask him to add extra fabric, (if needed), else attach the dupatta itself in a way that it takes in a perfect shape as that of a saree pallu. Now your leghna would be good to go with in a relative’s wedding or any other party. Now you will have an extra dress to flaunt, that too without splurging in excess. If you think what sort of makeup would be good to go with, no worries, seek beauty salon expert advice to get that intended looks.

More creative ways, to be coming in soon but till then stay hooked to the space!