Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Becoming a makeup artist

Beauty is your art and body is your canvas. From behind every pretty face that glams up the tabloids and streams through the silver screen peeks an immensely talented artist. The job is the right concoction of glamour, fame and money for those who are truly skilled and talented.
So do you think you have it in you? Have makeup brushes and cosmetics been your playthings? Do you enjoy transforming looks? Then get ready to join a makeup course and launch yourself in the mainstream. But before you materialize your ambitions just know what’s in their in the fare.

Just the first step you would take towards your dream is by joining a professional makeup courses and later choose a specialization in your favourite field. You can be a hair stylist a film artist, personal artist etc. Check out the best institutes that offer courses in this field. However, be mindful of where you invest your time and money. Since there are too many options around, keep in mind that branding and reputation of your institute does matter. So choose big names which provide other beauty courses and diploma in health as well. Though, neglecting the curriculum completely is not wise as well. Talk to alumni and see where they are placed. Do a thorough research as this is the most important aspect of your career.

A short specialization
You will sure learn over years even when you are an established name. But taking professional aid can speed up the process. Best is to start your career and pursue it as a part time course. This will give you hands on practical experience plus economic support as well.

Where to

Most good institutes have a very god placement platform so your first job should be easy. Most probably you would be absorbed atone of the exclusive salons in town, which is great for the beginning. You will get immense exposure and a lot of practice. With numerous customers coming in, you will get to experiment with different faces, textures, tones, styles and looks. The bulk of the work will train you in the nuances and by end of can year you can literally dab makeup blindfolded. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Health Benefits of Eating Salads

Salad has a bad reputation amongst the youth owing to the fact that these are generally associated with losing weight and a part of some strict diet chart. The stereotypes about having these salads border on jest and include things like a dieting girlfriend who will never order anything except salad and choose starving or to vegetarians with limited eating options and the worst of all a predecessor to the main course. There are many people who don’t order a salad alone or a salad only when eating out and hesitate from including these with their homemade food. But all these stereotypes fail to acknowledge the health benefits as enjoyed by your body and thereby health states an expert in a course in nutrition.

Dietician course

Salads can be as artful as you want them to be, full of flavors and you have no idea how nutritious these are. Despite the fact these are easy to make you generally skip having these and blame your ‘no-time’ schedule for you are too healthy to ensure that salads form an indispensible part of your diet plan. You don’t need to be a proficient in some dietician course to recognize the health benefits of a salad these can be easily identified by their wide availability on the menus of even the best restaurants. Few of these are:

-Cut Calories and Increase Satisfaction

If you want to lose weight then cutting on the calorie count should be your first priority. The best way of doing this is including green salads in your diet. Ask any one with a dietician course and they’ll suggest you the same. To achieve satisfaction which the sense of fullness it is best to increase the size of your salad.

-For Good Fats

Intake of  little good fat with vegetables help the body in absorbing protective phytochemicals like lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from dark green vegetables. Some of these beneficial fats include monounsaturated fats as found in olive oil, avocado and nuts. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Prep-up for the grand occasion - Part 2

In conjunction to the last post titled as ‘prep-up well for the grand occasion’, here are the other considerable secrets laid bare for the would-be bride:  

Flexible footwear: no matter how comfortable you are in heels, it might be a daunting affair to carry it off well that day. So what you can do is instead of going too high with heels, prefer something with less intricacies. Remember there’s a lot that would call for sincere consideration and above all, when its monsoons, it would be apt to avoid taking any sort of risk and enjoy the big day flawlessly.  

Beauty school

Hair styling: when it’s pouring all over, you just can’t skip asking for good hair styling as humidity in the air might make your hair look absolutely lifeless than ever, says a beauty school professional. So prior to the wedding day, go easy on conditioners to add in volume to hair and make it look greasy. Do not forget to be on a healthy diet, which ideally should be followed weeks before the wedding day. This will surely come as an added bonus in disguise of radiant looks. 

Water proof make is must: well, this is something that needs no justification. Nothing can compensate for the embarrassment that can perhaps happen with the melting make up. So to avoid of hindrance on the big day, make sure that you are all set for it. 

Avoid usage of cream-oriented products: going by pros recommendation, this is something that can make a big time difference in the overall getup. Like spa enables the would-be bride to flaunt radiant looks, powdered makeup works magically, concede noted spa courses pro. Cream based products are best suited in winters. Try and avoid oily masks, make up or anything as such that becomes a source of embarrassment.

Over boarding shimmers- a big no: similar to the wedding outfit, it’s advised not to overboard shimmers and glitters in any way. It’s going to be a regretting otherwise. This is where instead of taking advices on own, rely on the professionals as they will help you in a better way. 

So as a whole, these few imperatives play a vital role for a bride, if taken into consideration on a serious note.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Prep-up for the grand occasion - Part 1

Deep down a girl’s heart, there’s hub house of emotions and excitement for her big day. There’s certainly nothing wrong, if she expects to make best of this beautiful day. But amidst all, monsoon weddings bring along own share of anxieties and humidity has to be accredited for the same, says makeup courses expert. Well, this season welcomes a few issues however the fact remains unchanged that it’s a big day for the would be bride and she can enjoy each and every moment as intended. Here’s a low down of different tips that will make a big time difference for the bride. 

Bridal wear:  Indian weddings are undeniably synonymous to heavy jewellery, lehnga, gorgy make up. But in monsoons, stretching and going a bit extra might create mess for. So instead of sticking to conventional heavy lehnga, thinking only diploma in health degree would be a life saver, finalize bridal wear smartly. Finalize such dress that does not become problematic. Go with lighter options of fabric such as light satin or pure siffon. 

Avoid bling getup: well, kilos of sparkling stones on lehnga won’t look good and thus, it is advised to go with something simple and avoid being too blingy in any way. Going by recommendation of well-acclaimed designers, a would-be bride is already too anxious to handle stress, simpler things should be opted. This way it won’t take a toll on bride’s semblance and still she will make the best of her wedding, the way she have had thought of. At times, light yet sober work can accentuate the overall semblance. Intricate designing has to be avoided. 

Well, these two are a merely two things out of many that makes a big time difference while prepping up for wedding.  A lot more coming soon, till then stay in tune to this space…

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Herbal Tips for Glowing Skin

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the kind of battle that rages inside a woman’s brain when she looks at herself in the mirror every day. Be it the acne or blemishes marring the skin’s texture and tone, or haemoglobin issues making the skin look all pale and lifeless, women don’t think twice before hopping into a nearby beauty parlour.

However, visiting hair salons and beauty parlours that slop nothing but chemicals on your face and hair, and that too at tiniest of issues may end up taking a toll on your physical being. Going herbal is a panacea to most issues that many women find themselves irrevocably grappling with. Try your skin on at few of these herbal tricks!

1. Grapes. Yes, you saw it right. Take some grapes and rub them on your face for the mesmerizing glow. You can also mash them to make a paste and then apply it on your face.

2. Make a melange of cucumber, rose water and glycerine and apply it on your face before steping out into the sun.  Treat yourself to a similar treatment after getting back too.

3. Mix honey and cream to keep dryness at bay. The concoction is particularly helpful in winters as it helps the skin maintain its natural glow and sheen which is otherwise robbed by winter winds.

4. A concoction of fresh milk, salt and lime juice makes for a perfect delight for skin; it opens the skin pores and cleans them to lend a fresh and rejuvenated look to your skin.

5. If face wrinkles are driving you nuts, then apply a pack of cabbage juice and honey on your face. The intense herbal properties help fight wrinkles and keep them away.

These are just a few tips and tricks that can get you that glow of your dreams. For more thrilling and innovative ideas, stay tuned to our blog.

Stay Protected from Monsoon Woes

Monsoon is the most awaited time of the year. A respite from hot summers, monsoon sows the seed for beauty in nature. However it is during the season that body’s resistance to diseases like jaundice and dysentery among others is organically reduced. Apart from your internal body system it is your skin and hair which suffers the most damage.

So, if you are suffering from monsoon blues, we have these tips for you to help you reduce the damage the rains can inflict-

-People with dry skin end up having a more dehydrated skin. You must use a good body lotion , which aids your skin to hold the water outside for  a softer look.

--For cleansing and exfoliating purposes, prepare a paste of crushed almonds and honey, and apply the same for five to seven minutes.

-For an itchy scalp neem oil is the best remedy. Also avoid using hair dryer whenever necessary; instead use a dry towel to remove moisture from your hair.

-Use cool herbs like fennel, coriander leaves and Indian gooseberry instead of chemically treated body lotion for a glowing skin. Amla which is rich in Vitamin C, help in detoxifying liver and facilitates digestion.

-Wear good quality makeup. Remember to keep it protected from humidity and pollution.

-Damp skin is a breeding ground for all kinds of fungal infections so it is highly recommended to keep the folds of your skin and feet dry and clean every time. .

-With a variety of hair products around, choose wisely and consult an expert before you try any. Thrice a week hair wash with a mild shampoo might work the trick for you. A regular hair spa and massage is strongly advisable.

-Avoid alcohol-based skin cleanser, it adds to the dryness. Instead use herbal soap to fight the excess oil, grime, pollution and infections.

Done with these tips, the last and most important advice is stop fretting over these and do not  forget enjoying monsoon this season.