Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shea Butter: A one-stop solution for all your beauty needs

Women even in their early twenties have admitted skin care regimen sits high on their agenda. A majority is of the view, adverse climatic conditions, pollution, stress, lack of proper nutrients and a gamut of other factors deters the youthful appearance typical to the age, if left unattended. So, even young age is not spared from a strict skincare routine.

spa courses

Spa courses experts are of the view, if tended carefully from an early age, the transition from youth to middle age and then to maturity is easier and graceful. But who has the time to tend each and every part separately. A uniform solution with a large spectrum of solutions is required. And Shea butter is a wonderful ingredient that is a one-stop solution for most skin needs. Moisturization, skin repair, rejuvenation and healing rough and chapped portions—you name it you have it.

This wonder element is used all over at beauty schools and best salons and is found in most cosmetics as well. All anti-ageing and deep moisture serums for skin and scalp care often use this. Here is how you can use it at home.

·         A cup of refined Shea butter
·         A few drops of your favourite natural fragrance like lavender oil, rose oil, jasmine extracts etc.
·         ½ cup coconut oil
·         ½ cup of a light carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil etc.
·         ½ cup Aloe Gel
·         Tea tree oil
·         Neem Oil


Take large saucepan and fill it one third with water. Now take all your oils and butters and put them in separate containers. Float these into the water vessel and wait till they melt into uniform consistency. Now take them off the heat and mix well in a glass bowl. Now add the aloe gel and mix well to remove inconsistency. Finally put the fragrance, tea tree oil and neem oil and store in a container and refrigerate.

This mixture is a uniform remedy for all your beauty woes. The tea tree and neem extracts regulate oil production and fight acne, infections and blemishes. Aloe soothes and clarifies your skin while shea butter and other oils fulfil the hydration needs. Use it as a body toner, hair mask or hand and foot cream. It revitalizes rough, dull and unmanageable hairs, softens rough cuticles and heals chapped heels. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Beating the Stereotypes: Making a career in Makeup!

The universe has had enough of engineers, doctors and Chartered Accountants. Not that it doesn’t need them anymore- the universe that is, but the fact that every second person is treading into the stereotyped territories is slightly unsettling. With a gamut of opportunities being sliced open by the businesses today, it has become easier to follow one’s dream without having to chase the typical engineer’s or doctor’s way.

beauty academy

Take a career in the beauty industry, for instance. Nowadays, many beauty academy are being set up at every nook and corner of the country to encourage people who have a passion for the field, to take their interests forward. A career as a makeup artist or a beautician is often subjected to a lot of prejudice, considering the status symbol issues mindlessly pivoted to them.  To beat the mindless game, many bold students are getting themselves enrolled in makeup courses of varying degrees.

Makeup courses have paved way for people who have the knack for making others look beautiful. Be it about doing different hair dos or thrusting all the makeup the right and clean way, makeup courses have come a long way. These courses groom the students and embed in them the skills that are expected of a makeup artist.

One question that looms large over any person who aspires to become a makeup artist is- What qualification does it take to get into a makeup course? The answer is inherently simple; clean 10th or 12th grade results, with business acumen is required to take up a makeup course. Graduation is not an issue; even if you are not a graduate, you can easily follow the path to become a renowned makeup artist, for all it takes to be one is an eye for aesthetics and the creativity to enhance the customer’s semblance. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Facial Bleaches in Summers? Of course Yes!

Fairness- this word seems to have been taken too seriously by India at large. India- a country that happens to be the largest market for skin whitening and fairness facial bleaches in the entire world.

That Indians contribute more than sixty percent to the Fairness facials and facial bleach business, thanks to their fixation for fairness. This might sound rather perturbing to some, but the truth is far from disturbing; Skin whitening facial bleaches actually work, to a certain extent.

While fairness creams have amassed flak for their short term effects, facial bleaches have garnered acclaim for providing the right tone and texture.

The credibility of fairness creams is gradually getting tarnished due to their sick results. In such a scenario, skin whitening facial bleaches are getting increasingly, and invariably popular among women. Facials not only render your skin clear and attractive, but also ensure that you never have to wear the dark matches that scurry the radiance of your face.

Fairness creams and sunblocks promise to prevent skin tanning and sunburns. But to much dismay of people, they never deliver the promise. That’s precisely where facial bleaches come into the portrait to cure it of every skin scurrying issue. They not only remove facial tanning but also beef up the facial beauty.

If there is anything left to be summated in the ever growing list of Facial bleaches’ advantages, then it has to be their ability to fight back wrinkles and ageing. They add an enchanting and a youthful glow to your skin, hence leaving it freshly radiated.

Women who spend a lot of time under the reign of the seething sun must use facial bleaches frequently. True fairness creams and sunblocks are used as precautionary measures, but there is only so much that they alone can do save your skin from the sun. Facial bleaches, in that case, treats and pampers your skin just the right way!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Obesity is putting your Life at Stake

I don’t need to emphasize on the importance of a healthy living. But what bothers me is the fact that in spite of realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, why is that about 20 million of India’s population suffers from obesity and related problems? It can be understood that at times health related problems like underactive thyroid and several psychiatric drugs can add weight pounds to your body but what is highly disagreeable is that this ‘obesity-epidemic’ as many experts for weight reduction call it, can be widely seen in  people having a lot of junk food and not exercise. 

weight reduction

You are obese if you weigh at least more than 20% of what is considered your normal weight in relation to your height.  Consumption of lots of calories and a sedentary lifestyle are mainly responsible hampering your weight reduction mechanism. Since you being over-weight is not a cosmetic problem, there are long lasting and life-threatening effects associated with it. Some common ones are-

-Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

 It is caused by the blockage of oxygen carrying coronary arteries and reduction in blood flow to the heart muscle. If left untreated can lead to heart failure.

-High Blood Pressure

 A sustained increase or decrease in the pressure oxygenated blood puts against the walls of arteries while heart pumps the blood, can cause serious mortal problems. A diet to lose weight will come in handy to treat the condition. 

-Type 2 diabetes

It is an ability of body to use insulin properly, exposing you to early death, CHD, stroke, kidney disease and blindness. 

Try home-made remedies at first like green tea, drink hot water, start your day with honey, include vegetables and fruits in your diet to lose weight among many others which you can try. 

Remember for enjoying everything else in your life you need to work hard towards leading a healthy and fit life.  Stay put and pump up a strong will and commitment will surely help you through. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Get a Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day!

An amount that can only be imagined in a reverie is what goes into materializing a wedding into reality. Add another dimension- ‘efforts at making the bride look impeccable’, and you would know the actual stuff that goes into making a wedding a successful event.

Bridal make up is something that you wouldn't want to sacrifice in a million years. And that’s probably because you would never get a million chances to be a bride (or can you?!) There is always that one day where you would like to look nothing but the best; even ‘best’ would be an understatement.

The most important thing for a bride is to ensure that her skin looks healthy and glowing on her wedding day. Sounds like an easy deal, but only the bride can understand the wrath of an unhealthy looking skin that robs her off that warm wedding glow. In case the bride is battling with acne, she needs to pull her sleeves and socks up way before the D day to get rid of the monster. Acne treatments need to be commenced at least a month before you get busy with other preparations.

Start with exfoliating your skin using only a trusted brand of cream and lotion. Exfoliation is the key to skin revival, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. After all, excess of everything is bad!

Brutal exposure to sun is one of the major reasons why acne pop up shamelessly on your skin. Make sure that you don’t loiter into the sunlight for too long; even when you do, make sure that you have dollops of sunscreen plastered on your face. Sunscreen protects the skin form harsh damage and leaves your skin smooth and glowing, too.

Homemade remedies like Ice, Cinnamon and Honey, peels of Potato, paste of apple and honey and green tea bags can be applied raw on the face to give that wedding glow to your skin!