Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Unlock those wavy locks & flaunt your shining hair

The moment you equate your rough & unruly wavy locks with anyone’s sleek shiny straight hair, I am pretty sure that your stomach begin twanging slightly. If you are one of those who are fed up of doing everything and trying home remedies, but each trial was disappointing then hair straightening is the only solution for you. Make sure that you get your re-bonding done by a professional to avoid any long term mess. There are well renowned courses in beauty where there are there is a special stream of hair styling and in respective beauty classes, each and every hair styling is taught to the students.
If you have been considering getting hair re-bonding done, but are not sure about what would be the consequence to your hair with this procedure then you don’t need to worry much, as it has been clinically tested and recommended by experts.

According to one of the trainers imparting lectures in courses in beauty, there’s a world of difference in the way you shampoo and treat your virgin hair and the way, you are supposed to take care of your re-bonded hair. Adding to it, she said that this is why we train our students in hair styling beauty classes that they can treat their clients in the best way possible. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Scope of Dietician as a career

The nutritional value of your meals is the key to healthy living. In present times hustle and bustle the food habits of people are changing in an unhealthy manner. There are numerous diseases that can be avoided by following healthy eating habits, and once they strike us a planned and regulated diet chart is required to keep them in check.

Thus this kind of irregular and unhealthy living has opened up scope for dietician course. There are proper diplomas in nutrition to train professionals so that they can assess the medical conditions and what are the individual nutritional needs of an individual, keeping in mind his medical history.  These dietician courses also include ways to simplify the sources and cooking of nutritional supplements being prescribed so that they can be integrated into the busy lifestyle seamlessly. Thus the popularity in this trend has brightened its scope as a career option.

A certified diploma in nutrition enables you to find employment not only in medical sector but in beauty and wellness as well; as people are now more aware about their grooming and youth. They understand that their eating habits trigger their skin and hair problems; an unhealthy diet can lead to skin problems and even premature ageing. They know that a certain fruit can make their skin glow naturally and another food product can make their skin acne prone. Thus people are more and more eager to find expert advice as to how they can make small changes in daily eating habits and ensure a healthier better life.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hair & Skin Protection

When festivals arrive, the first thing that comes to your mind is the celebrations; however, have we ever thought the consequential effect that a festival can have on our body? I guess not. One festival that instantly gets highlighted is Holi, the festival of colour and joy that is pompously celebrated across India, at the end of winter, on the last full moon day of the Phalguna lunar month. This is the day when colours are used on each other to welcome the advent of the spring festival. Consequentially, it is then that our skin and hair gets affected tremendously.

Most colours that we get nowadays are synthetic-based or contain harmful chemicals. This gravely affects our hair colour, texture and sheen no matter which hair product we use. It also causes skin irritation, allergy, rashes, acne or other skin ailments. Hence, I have come up with a few pointers to share with all before you expose yourself to such colours.

Hair and Skin needs added protection during these festive seasons. Hence, for Hair protection, apply henna or mehendi to protect your natural hair colour, apply almond or coconut on your hair to coat it and protect it from damage and tie it up neatly behind. Also, use a good quality hair product comprising of a shampoo, conditioner and serum for extra protection before going out to enjoy Holi.

Hence, ensure that you use an appropriate sunscreen lotion that has ingredients with high sun protective factor. Apply liberally all over the face, neck, arms and exposed parts of the skin for protection against sun exposure especially during day time. Next use a few drops of almond or baby oil over your facial area, neck, arms and exposed areas. Apply a lip balm with SPF protection of neutral colour and a waterproof Kajal to avoid smudges especially when playing with colour water. If you wish to enhance your eyes, use a smudge-proof eyeliner and waterproof mascara after grooming.

Opportunities with Cosmetology courses

At Hairdressing and Beauty Academy in India, students get the opportunity to experience a focused approach to learning and building confidence. The cosmetology courses offered in academies include a variety of hands-on teaching techniques and styles to accommodate all learning types that help beauty school students to hone their cosmetology skills. By bolstering the confidence and skill sets of students, simultaneously, inclusive of a healthy dose of daily fun and education, the instructors create budding beauty professionals who are on their way to becoming pro hair stylists in just a couple of years.

Within the cosmetology courses, freshmen focus on hair cutting techniques, being the core skill upon which to build on. Sophomores continue to improve on their hair cutting skills with the introduction to hair colouring techniques. Juniors are exposed to cutting a clients’ hair along with learning and re-establishing their skills. Students who reach a senior status begin to gain real-world experience by spending the entire days delivering salon services on the school salon floor.

Efficient development through small class sizes is encouraged to maintain a healthy student-instructor ratio and to enable personalised attention. Students learn the latest cosmetics and beauty tips and hair styling techniques and trends that enable them to knock the socks off of a salon. The classroom experience produce salon-ready professionals that are prepared to go out and get jobs, after clearing their licensing exams.

Hairdressing and Beauty Academy offer basic and advanced training courses included in the curriculum that steep in the trademark of the academy’s continuing advancement in styling and make up techniques. The employment of a successful academy formula across all beauty schools nationwide is essential to keep the focus on the future growth in the field of cosmetology. This helps the institute to draw some of the best talents worldwide and to own a distinguished reputation of being the best educational institute in the cosmetology industry.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Interesting Facts About Botox

Owing to the high recommendations of this treatment, majority of imperative facts about it are openly out. There are, nonetheless, many interesting facts that are concealed from purview.

Enlisted below are interesting facts about botox:

• Approved & recommended by National Health Service:  Botulinum toxin Type A, is approved by the National Health Service. It's the similar drug that is used to treat botulism. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been approved it mainly for treating eye disorders. Then later in 2002, this drug was recommended as an anti ageing treatment to treat frown lines, wrinkles between the brows, patches and much more.

• Not a surgical procedure: Unlike other anti-ageing procedures, no incisions are made while applying botox and fine needles are used to ascertain that patients are not affected in any which way. A very small amount of drug is injected on facial muscles and interestingly, it takes less than an hour and the advantages lasts up to 8-12 months.

Besides botox, there is diversified range of ayurvedic treatments that you can opt for. Thus, you no more need to take strain of any physical flaws and you can live the way, you wish for.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Preventing Aging: What's Needed?

Skin aging is preventable if you believe the ads gimmick of products that make tall claims to slow down the aging process. What is needed is the knowledge of how much is skin aging really under your control.

With age, your skin begins to suffer from the natural wear-and-tear, just like your body. But as opposed to what we think of, natural aging has to do with sun exposure and other environmental factors as well, which means that it can be avoided. Hence, the good news is that it's never too late to start with your anti aging and skin whitening process.

The factors that contribute to normal skin aging are skin elastin, collagen and sags. Elastin and Collagen are a fibre mesh located just under the skin. These are proteins that help to keep the skin firm, which means that if your skin stretches, this protein matrix will help to snap it back into place.

As we age, the fibre mesh under the skin weakens and consequentially leads to skin sags as its support structure loosens. Besides this, there are other unavoidable forces that equally contribute to skin aging. Therefore, using a branded skin whitening cream to restore your natural skin colour and an anti aging product to prevent further aging becomes a necessity.

The skin begins to lose its natural stretch during the natural aging process. This means that the skin becomes thinner and begins to lose fat that essentially keeps the skin supple and smooth. A plump and smooth skin texture is then replaced by a rougher one thus, contributing to the aging process.

As the year pass by, gravity begins to tug on the weakened skin creating sags of jowls referred to as chicken fat visible under the arm. If you are blessed with an excellent genetic code (known to contribute to the aging process unnoticeably), it leads to the skin looking 50 when at 80 in some people and the reverse in those who are less fortunate.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

How can homemade acne facial scrub help in retaining natural glow?

No matter, how costly cosmetic products you use to pamper your skin, nothing can ever replace the significance of home-made remedies. There are many renowned beauty academies where students are taught to make natural scrubs and facial kits because of their wide ranging advantages.

Enlisted is a simple and effective home-made facial scrub kit recommended by one if the professionals of beauty classes that you can prepare for you and enjoy privileges of effective results within a week.

 •    Procedure involved:

Take an egg and separate egg white and its yolk in two different bowls. Add one tbsp. of olive oil, one tbsp. of oatmeal and half tbsp. of sea salt into the bowl with yolk. In order to make the paste smoother, add few drops of water in the mixture. Now, apply the paste on your face and neck. Scrub the paste gently and in circular motion for five minutes. Let it dry and then, rinse it off with fresh water or you can also use cotton ball dipped in rose water to clean the mask. You are guaranteed to feel instant rejuvenation, says an expert of beauty classes.

It has been observed that homemade facial scrubs for acne are very effective, even more than those costly facial kits for the following reasons:
  •  Both, egg and olive oil have nourishing nutrients.
  • Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory characteristics that enhances skin glow and simultaneously, kills   infectious bacteria.  
  • Sea- salt is added as it exfoliates the skin. The salt has vital sulfur nutrients, which allows the skin to inhale appropriately. Besides this, sodium and potassium exclude all waste cells and further, absorb nutrients.
After all, you have every reason to flaunt your looks and feel as gorgeous as you feel from within.