Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bid Adieu to Temporary Straightening Techniques

Needless to say, everyone likes to look beautiful, but the sad part is that not everyone is blessed with such a physique or looks that they would be complemented for the same every now and then. But the good part is that there are ample solutions out there at cosmetology centres that will enable to look as flawless as you have had wished for all your life.

Long hair- an eternally in vogue, but not every girl is lucky to have that. Thus, have to rely on different alternatives to look good. In such an atmosphere, wherein everyone is exposed to such dirt-filled surroundings, it becomes a next to impossible thing to avoid these and this consequentially, takes a toll on hair, making it look dull and dry. Well, hair spa is a solution against the same. It is advised that those who have been struggling with split ends, dull and rough hair, do take hair spa. If it’s not really possible to go for a hair spa every month, make it once within every two month must-do thing.

If you are struggling with hair loss problems then do not mistake of using those hot hair ironing machines, as it will worsen the hair condition and no matter how good  hair loss treatment you will resort to, it will be of no help whatsoever. Thus, try and avoid hair straitening machines and go for permanent hair rebonding or smoothing.

What’s must this monsoon for you girls?

Monsoon- a much loved season, but only till when you have leverage to sip a hot cup of coffee at your place and watch rain from your big glass window indeed. The moment it comes to stepping out of your place to office or anywhere whatsoever, suddenly preferences change, especially amid girls. Needless to say, girls are very much particular about the way they look, but what if a slight negligence in monsoon season pours water to their look…no certainly not! Fret not! Though monsoon comes with its own share of worries for girls, there are many ways to combat the stress and flaunt your way out in the very same way as you always do. 

makeup courses

On a foremost note, make sure that anything that’s not water proof is a big ‘No-No’. Water proof make-up is a must in monsoon, says an expert of a beauty academy. Do not over do make up in any way because a slight carelessness will make you feel make up rolling down your cheek, which would be the last wished for thing, says a professional of Makeup courses. Thus, make sure that you do not apply a bucket-full of make up this monsoon. Keep it simple yet sober. If you are an office going girl, then you are recommended not to step out without applying three basic things- kajal or a liner, lip balm and foundation with a light tone, obvious. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Different types of Sunblocks

We all have seen so many commercials and advertisements about different types of sunscreens in our televisions competing each other by showing the best advantages of their individual brands. Since, we all love to roam outside when our skin is exposed to sun either while swimming, shopping or hanging out, we need to choose one of the best suited sunblock for us so that our skin can be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun that ultimately destroys our skin or even tan it. Also, some people use scrub to put a liquid on their face that is applied for about 10-15 minutes that releases all the dirt and dead cells from the skin. But, that would be a longer process if we are in a hurry and we need to just put a sunscreen. So, before choosing one we need to know the types of sunscreens that we have in front of us to choose from.


1.    Chemical sunscreens: Basically these are the products that are manufactured by suing some of the chemicals that absorbs the harmful rays of the sun but don't let them reach to your skin and ultimately protects it.

2.    Physical Sunscreens: These are the sunscreens that are particularly made by zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The basic difference between this one and the chemical ones is that the chemical sunscreens absorbs the rays but these sunscreens reflect back the rays and other radiations and don't let them reach your skin.

Water resistant: We might not know that UV rays can even pass through water and these is one of the sunblock that is made specially for the people who are more into swimming or water sports so these are water resistant and protect you from the harmful UV rays even when you are in water.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Serums for hair maintenance

I am not blessed with smooth silky hair and hence, I need to use serums to keep my strands in shape and not like I just walked into an electric pole. The use of traditional methods to keep frizzy hair in control has been natural oils extracted from coconut as the texture is thick and keeps the strands down in place.

Today, with the onset of many hair care and skin care products, options are unlimited and there is no dearth of choices. Likewise hair, we also need to use products to preserve the natural body oils, which is why the use of a body lotion serum with essential oils that penetrate the dermis layers is crucial. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and PH value balanced.

body lotion

There are a number of traditional treatments that employ the use of hair products and oils made from natural ingredients and since the demand for less or non-sticky hair oil is high, serums were introduced to cater to hair concerns. These offer each strand with nourishing ingredients that hydrate the roots and keeps frizz in control. Some of the best serums infuse instant moisture-lock technology that result in a glossy finish and keeps the scalp hydrated for longer duration.

Opt for a serum that leaves no residue as this can cause pore blockage, resulting in dirt trap that can further aggravate the skin causing rashes and irritation. The need to maintain hair health is as important as skin health that is crucial to good personal hygiene and overall wellness. A serum that offers a residue-free finish allows the scalp to breathe and keeps greasiness at bay. Despite the light texture, such serums tend to comprise of a rich blend of ingredients that nourishes, repair and protects against environmental damage. To recognise one, read the label that should have cold-pressed certified and organic oils printed on it.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How Botox Can Be Breath Taking?

Many people nowadays are finding solutions to the most irritating skin problems that are acne and wrinkles that start coming to our face after a certain age. People have found so many solutions for acne treatments out of which some does not work and if some does, it is for a very short span of time. Botox injections are one of these ways that erases these wrinkles and acne spots temporarily from your face. This is one of the most quick and easy methods of erasing these problems from your skin but yes, like other solutions this is also a temporary one. This is popular just because it is an advanced method and even a quick one.

But how can we forget that, more advanced the solution is, more are the possibilities of having it's side effects. Generally people use them for months and sometimes for years. Basically, it comes in the crystalline form that can be carried from one place to another as all you need is to inject into your body whenever you want to. The problem comes when the substance that is there in it, which is also known as Botulinum toxin starts leaving it's effects if used in excess. It is one of the severe form of toxins that can be called as food poisoning that has long lasting negative effects that includes paralysis. Yes, it can be that serious and sometimes, it can even attack your nervous system. Trust me, if it works, it is the best method but once it loses it's way, it can be the worse.

You must know that the effects take place around 10-12 days after you have used the Botox injection. If it worked, well and good for you but if it didn't leave it at that very moment.

Monday, 14 July 2014

How to pick a beautician course that’s a winner

Fashion and wellness have been creators of a whole new segment of jobs.  Through beauty institutes offering beautician courses ranging far and wide, the need for specialists in the industry is rapidly growing. 

As much as that has created new areas of opportunities, choosing a beauty school that offers professional industry-intensive courses is not a walk in the park. Even more, the choice of a dietician course is clouded by an array of options offering specialisations totally different in scope and effect. 

beautician course

To begin with, you can pursue a beautician course that offers full-time scope of activity. These require you to go for classes and training sessions as scheduled each day of the week.  Working professionals who at some point had thought of taking the plunge into the industry worth millions of dollars could instead of going for full-time courses opt for a course that can be accomplished after work hours.  

It is important you know where do you see yourself placed in the industry after formal certification, and then choose a course based on that. For example, if your interest lies in joining the film industry as a make-up specialist, you would need to be through with at least the basics of lighting. Also, it would be expected out of you to have a good grip on a wide range of make-up skills. 

On the other hand, someone who wants to join a top beauty service provider would need skills way different. The focus on understanding skin tones, sensitivity etc would be much greater in this case. 

It is therefore imperative that your choice of a beauty training centre is in line with your future aspirations. While taking opinions from friends and peers from the industry helps, you must carry out the due diligence mandatory on your part.  In particular, check the number of hours assigned and the affiliation of the certification. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Taking care of your hair and looks

There is more to than just using creams and cosmetics to treat or hide imperfections. Your skin and hair need care, attention and above all time vested to maintain and sustain their health levels. Seeking consultation of a dermatologist and cosmetologist for major skin and hair related concerns become imperative if the ailment requires added treatment, however, with minor or mild concerns, you can work on home-made or over-the-counter remedies to prevent the condition from aggravating further. Any concern that hinders your health needs a holistic counteractive approach from the inside out.

According to experts, a well-structured balanced approach to your lifestyle and diet is essential. This means using natural remedial approaches that include nutrient intake sourced from vegetables and meats and adherence to a daily regime with the use of cleansers, toners and sunscreens to fairness creams and body lotion to trap moisture and retain suppleness and firmness.

The use of a natural herbal based shampoo, every second day, and a conditioner in a week, helps to retain the lost lustre and shine. Since centuries, our appearance has been regarded as our source of beauty. Hair texture differs from people to people. For some, the texture is dry and for others it is oily. This highlights the need to tackle the concern individually.

If dry the treatment requires gentle warm hair oil massage twice a week for deep scalp nourishment. And if oily, ensure to use a good shampoo comprising of healing elements like henna and neem, thrice a week, as oily hair tends to attract dirt faster.  Get professional head massage using herbal-based non-sticky hair oil. This will encourage growth and help maintain health.

Blindly using products which promise to transform your looks in a matter of a few weeks is a far-fetched claim. We are aware of the fundamentals for skin and hair care which means taking note of your skin type and texture type is important. A natural glowing complexion and lustrous locks add to our elegance and attractiveness. This makes it imperative that we take extra care of these.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fairness is an illusion, get beautiful not fair

Fairness is the sole treatment that drives the entire Indian cosmetic industry. We are so obsessed with a flawless fair porcelain skin that we are ready to spare any amount of money to ensure that. However, I am sorry to tell you that becoming fair unnaturally and defeating your natural complexion is simply impossible. Whoever promises that is either fooling you or is under a wrong impression. You ask any experienced beauty professional like VLCC who holds a name in the business and they will gladly tell you what I am saying is true.

However, it is very much possible to de-tan and repair your skin, so that it glows and appears lighter is very much possible. You need to follow a simple and natural skin care routine such as using facial kits regularly, taking care of your diet, and some simple daily habits is enough. Following are a few tips as to how you can do that.

·         Using a face wash daily before bed is an excellent habit that can solve half of your skin problems. It unclogs pores and removes even a fleck of cosmetic remaining on your face allowing the natural repair process, to work freely, which is most active while you sleep. It prevents dull skin, acne, blemishes, black heads etc.
·         Take regular facials at a salon or use a facial kit at home. It rejuvenates, clarifies and repairs skin. There are herbal ones available in the market that will treat your skin with the natural goodness
·         Wear a sunscreen lotion at all times of the year. UV rays are as harmful in winters as they are in summer. It will prevent tan and dulling of complexion.
·         Rub lemon on all parts of your exposed skin twice a week, it will act as a natural bleach.
·         Apply mashed bananas and papayas on your skin naturally glowing supple and smooth skin.

Thus, with all these tips I am sure you will love the skin you are in, and will no longer envy the fair tones. You will not even bother about putting on makeup. A skin that is healthy from within appears beautiful irrespective of its complexion. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Prep Your Body for Hair Removal

Undergoing hair removal procedure each month sends chills down your spine and you immediately cringe as you feel the pain of plucking and waxing.  Have you really looked for better options then? The advancement in technology has given way to methods that are less painful and delivers results permanently. Of the many methods, electrolysis is a permanent hair removal procedure that targets the roots, resulting in permanent removal as opposed to waxing or plucking.

To zap unwanted hair for a silky smooth effect is what laser hair removal procedure can deliver. This medical procedure requires expert handling and thorough training before one can perform on a client. It also carries its share of potential risks and hence, before getting the procedure done, as a customer, you should check if the salon's credentials are verified and treatment is genuine.

vlcc laser hair removal

Experts of a beauty salon suggest a few tips to prep up for the laser hair removal procedure. Firstly, avoid sun exposure a month and a half prior to and post treatment. Skin damage caused by the sub renders the procedure less effective and is likely to cause complications post it.

Prior to the procedure at the beauty salon, ensure that you clean up the treatment area the hair will be trimmed short as required for the procedure to work and the laser equipment adjusted according to the hair location, thickness, and color, keeping in mind the color of the skin too. The technician sets the light source on the area accordingly. Protecting the eye is important and hence, you will be given a mask to wear over. The outer epidermis would also need protection and hence, a cold gel will be applied which encourages the light to penetrate through effectively.

The technician uses the best of equipment settings to direct light appropriately on areas that require treatment for several minutes to test for any reactions. If no reactions, the procedure follows through else, a different procedure will be recommended. Once the entire process is complete, medicated lotion is applied and ice packs are placed on the treated area to ease discomfort. You will be given a schedule that marks all your session dates and once a month crosses through, the technician will check if you need more sessions.