Thursday, 26 September 2013

Avoid Hair Breakage with Hair Salon Massages

Hair breakage has been a constant concern with most women due to their hair length when compared to men. When you experience hair breaking caused by hair damage it can either lead to an I-really-don’t-care attitude or an emergency call situation. There are a number of factors that contribute to hair breakage which is not within your control, however, there are few that we can control and that goes back to what we do or how we treat our hair on a daily basis.

While it is a time-consuming affair to stop hair breakage completely, what is more essential is to try and minimize it by stepping up your hair care treatment by following these simple rules. Visiting a hair salon and allowing your hair stylist to use an effective hair spa treatment solution is also one of the best ways of preventing hair breakage and further damage.

A hair spa treatment involves shampooing, oil massage and conditioning that improves blood circulation and improves hair follicle growth and strengthening. Your hair treatment expert will also recommend a hair lotion that works by ensuring minimal hair breakage resulting in hair sheen and strength retention after prolonged use.

Also, it is important that you get your hair ends trimmed at a hair salon. Yes, for women trimming off the ends may equal to a haircut and hence the obvious response would be a big no. However, when you trim your hair ends proactively, it reduces the chance of your hair losing its moisture thus preventing hair dryness and brittleness.

Women with split ends need to have their ends trimmed. If your split ends get out of control, they can travel up the hair shaft causing more breakage and damage. Hence, the best solution to prevent this extreme case of hair breakage is to visit a hair spa salon, once in 2 or 3 months, and have a quarter or an inch of your hair ends trimmed.

Friday, 20 September 2013

How does Radiesse Treatment work?

While age may have its positives with experience, wisdom, self-awareness, it also triggers a visual reminder of the many years gone by. The fine lines and face wrinkles with a sagging skin are but hard to deal with especially when it begins to hinder your appearance and self-confidence. People have to age; it is something no one can fight against. It is a gradual process that everyone needs to endure, however, the fact of being able to control premature aging in in our hands and this brings us to the topic of anti aging treatments acting as our saving glory.

If we can avoid aging, wouldn’t we all just be delighted, but we are aware of its impossibility. Yes, what can be done is to control the aging process by employment of various anti ageing treatments that can rejuvenate our skin cells, making us look younger in appearance. The art of reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elastin to reduce skin drooping used to be a sector of intense measures that included tummy tucks and face-lifts. Today, people are more aware of what is being introduced in the market to cater to such skin concerns and hence, have become more educative and wise.

There are many who wish to void surgery and turn to less intrusive procedures and Radiesse is one that looks promising. Radiesse is nonsurgical semi-permanent dermal filler employed to reduce the facial signs of aging. This dermal filler is injected under the skin of a person to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the surface. Components like collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat are used as common dermal fillers. It is less invasive than a surgical procedure like a face-lift and is quick lasting no longer than a few months and hence, will require repeated sessions.

Radiesse smoothen fine lines and deep wrinkle appearance around the mouth and nose. It can add contours to facial areas that have lost their shape caused by sagging skin. It stimulates new collagen growth and skin protein giving it a smooth texture and youthful elasticity. Radiesse comprises of a synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite gel that is absorbed by the body leaving the calcium hydroxylapatite behind. In this procedure the natural collagen in your body fills in the space eventually that the gel has left behind.

Friday, 13 September 2013

It’s simple male attraction

The reason why women get their hair done is simply to attract others and especially men. Women want to look and feel great, but the real motive behind spending a lot of time getting a new hairstyle done or perfecting your look is simple male attraction, say experts.

If you wish to have the best hairstyle done then choosing a beautician that has graduated from the best beauty academy school calls for a smart option. There are many beauticians who have completed their cosmetology courses with distinction and have earned a name in the field of hair styling and beauty.

While the subtle ones make some of the best compliments, it does boost your confidence and elation. When someone notices you, the feel of flattery is evident.  The feel is even more magnified when you are trying to attract the attention of someone special. This is when you try your best to scan through numerous hairstyles to make that magic work and amplify our look and here are the top five hairstyles that men will love, according to reputable beauty academy experts.

A Short and Sassy hair-do screams cute and is shaped for the bubbly look and personality. This hair style will help attract those men that are looking for someone sweet and who love to flash her contagious smile.

The Hot and Curly one takes flirting to the physical form. It is a vivacious and full of life hair style that can attracts men looking for fun and spontaneity. If you love surprises with no plan in mind then this hair style is just for you, as mentioned in one of the cosmetology courses’ journal.

A Layered hair style look shows off a quiet and shy personality and attracts aggressive men that are willing to make the first move. This is perfect for the girl who loves attention but is sky-natured.

The Straight and Confident look is probably one of the oldest and most classic of hair styles that are ideal for those who are demanding, but in a good way. This hair style spells confidence and hence, you need wait for the right guy to come around as your hair style definitely screams that you’re worth the wait.

The Flirty Ponytail look says you’re ready and up for anything. It exudes a playful personality that wants to attract a playful man. This is a flirty hairdo that reflects that you are ready for fun.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Why indulge in a Hair spa treatment?

Every once in a while, we feel the need to indulge in a little treat, whether it is eating out in a fine dine restaurant, enjoying a vacation at a beach resort, or getting pampered at a day spa. Yet when we indulge, we often neglect our hair that is subjected to heat, sun exposure, dust and pollution, styling with chemical-laden products and most often dyeing.

Our hair gets damaged in a million ways and it is then that the need for a hair spa treatment at a professional hair salon calls for immediate attention. Many hair salons use treatments that involve the use of a potent serum mixed with a conditioner onto the hair, which is highly beneficial as it penetrates the hair shaft and restores moisture. After the oiling and shampoo session, a deep-conditioning mask of natural ingredients is applied onto the hair and massaged well to improve blood circulation and induce rapid absorption.

Signing up for a hair spa at a hair salon is not just about pampering your hair with a massage. It delivers nutrients to the hair through oil massage and mask employment followed by shampooing and conditioning. Hair spa therapy is essential if you want to maintain prolonged hair health. It offers the benefit of strengthening your hair for that extra bounce and shine. It also works to eliminate dandruff and impurities that damage hair follicles causing hair fall. While considering that hair spa treatment is highly effective, it is also economical that adds to your advantage.

Oiling your hair and getting a head message done once a week, is important to reduce hair fall and damage. If you want to restore your hair sheen and wellness, using a shampoo and conditioner that works well with your hair type is equally imperative. If you are experiencing extreme hair fall, it is best to speak with your hair specialist about using the right type of shampoo and conditioner that best suits your hair maintenance needs. While there are a wide range of products available in the market for use, do not get caught in advertisement gimmicks or go on a trial spree, instead seek expert advice to avoid further hair damage.