Monday, 26 May 2014

A profession as a beautician or hairstylist

Earning a diploma in health and entering this profession vows lot of positive aspects. For one, this craft can be practised anywhere and secondly; it is a recession-proof profession. You'll be operating in an imaginative, fast-paced setting and you'll have the chance to touch the lives of many and probably even change a few for the better.

One of the very best things about a profession in cosmetology is its adaptability factor. The job opportunities are endless. You can teach, deal with styles on movie sets, cut hair in a cruise ship, open your own shop, function exclusively with children, end up being an instructor-- the list can go on.

Spa courses

Last year, Cosmetology, as an integral part of the beauty academy sector, was reported as one of the leading 30 occupations for racking up high in employment and job satisfaction. Hence, this may just be the right domain to step into, if you have the ability, skills, passion and a challenging attitude. 

Discovering the Right Cosmetology School- Once you've chosen and signed up for a diploma in health course at an academy and have officially entered the world of the beauty industry, you can be sure to learn the best in cosmetology.

A beauty academy can be finished in a year. Remember that this will certainly be a lengthy year where you will have to learn and work really hard. Cosmetology has witnessed a high percentage of drop-outs due to pupils that believed it would be a cake walk. Yet don't allow this to scare you. This is an enjoyable and exciting encounter for any person with a well-thought out goal and the passion to excel in this field.

The moment you've completed the spa courses and earned a diploma/degree in it, you will be confident to step out and prepare for the real world awaiting. The foremost effective step after college is to get an apprenticeship under a renowned beauty professional. This will help you hone the skills you have attained through education and also get a real-life hands-on experience at a hair salon.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Beautician's Course Structure

I'm resting at this make-up session and I'm anticipating today's course to be fairly a bore. I'm hardly listening as the Lead Trainer goes through the three different sorts of foundation – powder, mineral, liquid, and cream – and I give out a huge yawn with the thought of taking a short power nap – ‘wake me up when there is something new to learn.’

What I gathered from my previous class at a beauty parlour was once you have your tools in place, you should learn to hold them the right way and use them efficiently. How and where you hold a brush will influence your control and thus the outcome. The closer your fingers are to the barrel, which is the section just below the head of the brush, and the more amount of pressure you apply will manoeuvre the outcome. As a whole, if you want to apply colour uniformly, hold the brush by its handle rather than the barrel section. One more thing to note is that you can conveniently turn a brush into a flat, angled brush by wrapping your fingers around the bristles and flattening them.

Back at the present session, it appears like the beauty and hair salon instructor read my thoughts. He instantly walked up to me stating that one could use a cream-based foundation for opaque, complete coverage, or one could simplify it by mixing the serum with some conductor. I always thought a primer is to be used before applying the foundation. But, the instructor shares this is as a proven method to keep the foundation's coverage intact without looking caked on. Plus, you reap the long-lasting property that a cream-based foundation has compared to powders, minerals and liquids. This additionally assists the make-up blend effortlessly with the initial layer of primer applied over your skin.

I raise my hand at this factor and ask if a cream foundation is viable for oily skin – I struggle with an oily t-zone and hence, the question seem selfish, but I had other supporters who looked keenly at the instructor for an answer. Everyone can make use of cream-based foundation, yet the way it needs to be applied on oily skin is different. One must make use of a wet sponge to apply it since such foundations have oils that are meant to offer complete coverage and induce blend-ability. The sponge works as a magnet for the pigment, and not the foundation oil and hence, you get coverage without the lustre.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Play with neon shades while doing your nail art this season-part (2)

Heya peeps! A whole hearted welcome to readers of this space! In conjunction to my last post titled as ‘Play with neon shades while doing your nail art this season’. In follow up of my blog, i am going to share different stuff that you can do at home in order to enhance your nail art skills, especially when you are doing it at home. You need not to do makeup courses for the same.

Makeup courses

 Gone are those days when you needed to be a matching queen, you can rather add a touch a creativity, which will ultimately lead you to have your own style. Play with neon shades and will make you enhance your beauty altogether. You need to have a detailing brush for the same as it will work you to prevent smudging and lumpy shades. Take any paint brush that you feel like, cut its bristles finely to make it thinner. Do not over do it. A dotting tool is a must as it will enable you to make designs in a refined way. If you don’t have a dotting tool for the same, you can use a tooth pick, a pointed needle. These finely pointed things will enable you to draw fine polka dots.

So from next time onwards, if you’ll ever rush out of time and would want to do nail art on your own, it is assumed that you won’t end up despairing about it, rather will have a set of shades and designs to play with. You do not need to have a diploma in Health in order to look good, rather you can have flawless looks via adding in a simple stuff. I have a whole lot of different things to keep sharing in this magical space, but till then stay hooked to this space!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Play with neon shades while doing your nail art this season- part (1)

Unlike earlier when there were a few who knew what nail art is all about, presently almost every girl is familiar to what nail art is all about. Craze for nail art is not only limited in metropolitan cities, but it seems as if it has a viral effect in rural areas as well. Nowadays, there are a few beauty schools of repute that offer nail art classes as a part of their main makeup course. When it comes to design and patterns of nail art, there’s a great range and pattern available with professionals. But despite all this, it is acknowledged that at times it becomes difficult to visit a parlour as you need to rush out immediately and this is when you need to know about nail art self so that you do not compromise with looks in any way. But to make sure that you do not need to compromise in any way, you need to have a proper kit for the same. 

Beauty school

Your kit ought to have a detailing brush, a pack of funky colors to play with, cotton, and dotting tool. These days neon shades are in demand and so i would say instead of messing with those simple black, white or a red shade, have a proper kit with different shades in the same. There are several hair schools of repute that offer array of hair styling and makeup courses as well. In my next blog, i would be taking up diversified things that be done to enhance beauty of your nails.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Two usages of a bag and purse

This may have occurred numerous times-- you hear your mobile phone ringing, however you cannot figure out its location in your bag. You miss out an important call and thank your decision to activate your voicemail service. Or you're standing outside your front door, seriously looking for a small pencil liner in your purse and to others, you appear to have taken on a crane position as seen in the movie, ‘the karate kid’, as you stabilize your bag on one knee.

When you carry your needs around on your shoulder, it can be challenging to locate the thing you require most, when you require it. Allow that we make it easy for you.

I would normally bring a rather big bag since I like to have all that I may need if anything tosses at me during the day. In addition to the typical suspects such as cosmetics, body lotion, etc., my bag holds an extra set of shoes, a book and an umbrella. Since I intend to manage to locate what I'm seeking, I consistently look for a bag with at least two pockets-- zippered or otherwise –and an inner pocket to hold my phone – resolving the issue of where to locate my mobile phone when I need it most. An outer pocket is excellent for your Metrorail card, eliminating the rummage with your bag in the middle of the subway terminal.

You have currently figured out the arrangement of accessories in your bag—lip balm, mobile, cosmetics, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, umbrella, extra pair of slippers and even a book, to mention a few of the many, but have none for the cash and credit cards that you most definitely need. Consider it as this one pot where you save all your funds that you lug around with, all the time. Hence, to ease management, buy a purse with three divided billfolds. Use one side to store your money, the other for your cards and the third for invoices and receipts. Rather than tossing your receipts into your handbag, a common affair, get in the habit of putting the receipt away instantly in its rightful location.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cosmetology Demystified

Cosmetology is a science, the advancement of which has eased the way for those who weren't blessed naturally as much as they wanted. It has not only been a mean to enhance but to miraculously transform and correct the looks of those who have serious problems due to some accident or other reasons. Therapies like weight reduction have also contributed towards general wellness and have prevented the onset of many severe ailments in people. It is specially a boon for those suffering from morbid obesity or people who are hopeless after trying various methods.

However, it is also subjected to severe criticism as people are sceptical about it being truly safe. Some believe that it is not natural so it has to be bad, while others are of the view that it is an evil addiction that can seize them on trial like white powder and other stuff. The follow-up of the article discusses cosmetic surgeries in general and targets some of the common myths and dark corners; after all it is better to be informed and then decide than to make blind guesses.

It is a science that deals with finding medical methods and treatments to cure your looks rather than ailments. It is just a treatment that doesn't necessarily have to be prescriptive. Now with surgeries like laser hair removal you are no longer obliged to continue wearing your natural looks. Now below mentioned are some common myths that need some light.

It has to be a surgery

Not always. Actually, there are three kinds of cosmetic surgeries- invasive, minimally invasive and non-invasive. While invasive surgery would suit your fancies but the other two are minor surgeries, the latter not even requiring as much of a cut on your body. You can ideally resume work the next day as long as you take care of listed precautions. The nature of your problem would decide whether you would have to undergo a typical surgery or topical treatments would suffice. See a specialist to know the exact treatment required.

It is done by beauty specialist

It is done by a qualified medical practitioner with an added degree in medical cosmetology; i.e. someone who has the same basic degree as your family doctor has plus a specialization in the subject. So, rest assured while undergoing your laser hair removal, you are in safe hands.

It is addictive

Anything and not just cosmetic surgery is bad in excess. Consult your doctor regarding whether you need a surgery or not and go by what he says. Some people might get over obsessed with looking the way they want, but really that depends on personal orientation and not the treatment as such. As long as you trust your rationality you can go ahead without a second thought.  This could even happen with a habit as mundane as cleaning your hands; so just know the essence of moderation and go ahead.

Monday, 5 May 2014

A new hair style for the working ladies!

Having been to a beauty school and completed hairstyling and a makeup courses, sky is the limit in terms of opportunities and there isn’t any other profession I would have chosen. 

Makeup Courses

The other day, I was having coffee with a good friend and we ended up talking about how careless we'd be with our hairstyles throughout the winters especially when we were at the university. For me, personally, having my ears subjected to the cold climate was never appealing. Now that it's warming up, reasons to hide my head with a hat will sound weird. It is springtime and I am taking initiative to spruce up my locks and here is an easy method to work on an easy hairdo as you’d learn in professional beauty school

1) Gather your hair into a ponytail, divide an area of hair on each side in the front and leave that loose.

2) Take a part of hair on your left side and segregate it into an upper and bottom sections. Take the top layer in your left hand and cross the part of hair over to the right side of your head, over the braid. Use a bobby pin to keep it in place.

3) Take the top section of hair on the appropriate side of your head and changeover the left section. Now grab that little tail hanging out of your very first section as you are crossing the appropriate section of hair over. Pin it in place.

4) Take your remaining part of hair on the left side and cross that over to the right. Do not forget to get hold of that little tail and integrate it into your area before you pin. Pin in position merely over your braid elastic. Take the remaining section of hair on the right, which is a little leftover tail, and cross it over to the left side. Pin it in position.

5) If you have a brief tail dangling of your last crossover piece, you can pin it under the braid. If you have a lengthy tail remaining, grab a section from each side of your ponytail and coil around the braid elastic. Pin it in position. When you are done you must have an elegant criss-cross ponytail to boast to work.

Now this is one style that does not require you to attend a professional hair school. Hence, when you get the hang of this style, it's really a simple hairdo. Make the pony, and crossover either sections until all strands are pinned in place. I like easy hairstyles that let me look in trend.