Friday, 30 August 2013

Is it important to prevent ageing in your 20s?

Staying young is a dream for everyone but not a possibility as ageing is a gradual yet imperative process that each one of us must endure. An obituary page in newspapers may not seem the most appealing to read through but according to recent studies, based on scientific research, there are scientists who have been evaluating over hundreds of obituary listings extracting pictures or photographs that looked age-inappropriate. The result was astounding as 36 percent of the pictures turned out to be as such with a larger percentage of women more likely to be age inappropriate than men.

It is but natural that we all did like to look beautiful and be remembered as such and a confident young looking photograph does appeal and capture your essence like no other form can. Still, these scientists were amazed to discover that people are likely to believe that their defining picture is the one that was photographed several years ago, when they’d look younger. We may not live a prolonged life but it is also true that none of us are happy with the effect of ageing. This is when the use of anti-ageing treatment comes to play.

However, do we really need hair treatment in our 20s? With a number of advertisement gimmicks making claims that it is imperative that we start our anti-ageing treatment while still in our 20s does sound a bit off the charts. But then, this could just be true. According to a recent research, it is important that we begin our anti-aging treatment in our late 20s and early 30s, but those who missed out on this chance, don’t be disappointed as there are a number of treatments against premature aging for those who are 35+ as well.

With creams that contain advanced toning formulation, people who have crossed the age of 35 can benefit from such skin treatments. Such creams brighten the complexion and restores moisture while comforting and soothing your skin. They contain Tri-Peptide Complex that help relax fine lines and hence is recommended to be used on a daily basis.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Are you ignoring your hands?

You spend all those hours in a gym and a small fortune on face creams, but if you ignore your hands, you may just be spilling the beans of how old you really are. Hand care is equally essential when it comes to dealing with ageing issues, especially if you are suffering from premature ageing. Your hands are susceptible to the first signs of ageing and most often, they age faster than your face. This is when anti-aging treatment and hand care routine makes for a vital choice rather than an option.

The reason why your hand shows early signs of ageing when compared to your face is because of minimal fat deposits on the skin at the back of your hands. This means that even a small amount of collagen loss caused due to the skin elastin fibre breaking down – considered as a part of your normal ageing process and partly caused due to excess exposure to the sun – is going to have a noticeable impact on your hands.

Hence, even your hands need anti ageing treatments and creams that are specifically designed to work effectively on your hands and not your face. Hand lotions and Hand creams are readily available for purchase from medical stores and healthcare shops and hence, make use of these and not a face cream or lotion if you really want to target and treat your hands against aging.

Inappropriate attention given to your hands results in wrinkled, crepe-like skin with bulging veins that grow larger over time. Furthermore, not using proper sunscreen lotions and creams on your face, hands and feet can result in your skin getting exposed to harmful UV rays resulting in increased brown spots, also termed as liver spots, which is a pigmentation concern that can make you look older than your actual age.

It’s sure that you would not want to throw your hands up and give up on caring for your hands that easily, hence, it is advisable to make use of the most advanced hand cream products that comprise of growth factors mainly derived from plant extracts that can help promote collagen formation, rejuvenate the skin and enhance new cell growth. You may not get instant results, but if you start with these creams at around the age of 35, it will definitely help to control premature ageing and improve your hand skin texture effectively.