Sunday, 7 September 2014

Prep-up for the grand occasion - Part 2

In conjunction to the last post titled as ‘prep-up well for the grand occasion’, here are the other considerable secrets laid bare for the would-be bride:  

Flexible footwear: no matter how comfortable you are in heels, it might be a daunting affair to carry it off well that day. So what you can do is instead of going too high with heels, prefer something with less intricacies. Remember there’s a lot that would call for sincere consideration and above all, when its monsoons, it would be apt to avoid taking any sort of risk and enjoy the big day flawlessly.  

Beauty school

Hair styling: when it’s pouring all over, you just can’t skip asking for good hair styling as humidity in the air might make your hair look absolutely lifeless than ever, says a beauty school professional. So prior to the wedding day, go easy on conditioners to add in volume to hair and make it look greasy. Do not forget to be on a healthy diet, which ideally should be followed weeks before the wedding day. This will surely come as an added bonus in disguise of radiant looks. 

Water proof make is must: well, this is something that needs no justification. Nothing can compensate for the embarrassment that can perhaps happen with the melting make up. So to avoid of hindrance on the big day, make sure that you are all set for it. 

Avoid usage of cream-oriented products: going by pros recommendation, this is something that can make a big time difference in the overall getup. Like spa enables the would-be bride to flaunt radiant looks, powdered makeup works magically, concede noted spa courses pro. Cream based products are best suited in winters. Try and avoid oily masks, make up or anything as such that becomes a source of embarrassment.

Over boarding shimmers- a big no: similar to the wedding outfit, it’s advised not to overboard shimmers and glitters in any way. It’s going to be a regretting otherwise. This is where instead of taking advices on own, rely on the professionals as they will help you in a better way. 

So as a whole, these few imperatives play a vital role for a bride, if taken into consideration on a serious note.

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