Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Becoming a makeup artist

Beauty is your art and body is your canvas. From behind every pretty face that glams up the tabloids and streams through the silver screen peeks an immensely talented artist. The job is the right concoction of glamour, fame and money for those who are truly skilled and talented.
So do you think you have it in you? Have makeup brushes and cosmetics been your playthings? Do you enjoy transforming looks? Then get ready to join a makeup course and launch yourself in the mainstream. But before you materialize your ambitions just know what’s in their in the fare.

Just the first step you would take towards your dream is by joining a professional makeup courses and later choose a specialization in your favourite field. You can be a hair stylist a film artist, personal artist etc. Check out the best institutes that offer courses in this field. However, be mindful of where you invest your time and money. Since there are too many options around, keep in mind that branding and reputation of your institute does matter. So choose big names which provide other beauty courses and diploma in health as well. Though, neglecting the curriculum completely is not wise as well. Talk to alumni and see where they are placed. Do a thorough research as this is the most important aspect of your career.

A short specialization
You will sure learn over years even when you are an established name. But taking professional aid can speed up the process. Best is to start your career and pursue it as a part time course. This will give you hands on practical experience plus economic support as well.

Where to

Most good institutes have a very god placement platform so your first job should be easy. Most probably you would be absorbed atone of the exclusive salons in town, which is great for the beginning. You will get immense exposure and a lot of practice. With numerous customers coming in, you will get to experiment with different faces, textures, tones, styles and looks. The bulk of the work will train you in the nuances and by end of can year you can literally dab makeup blindfolded. 

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