Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Stay Protected from Monsoon Woes

Monsoon is the most awaited time of the year. A respite from hot summers, monsoon sows the seed for beauty in nature. However it is during the season that body’s resistance to diseases like jaundice and dysentery among others is organically reduced. Apart from your internal body system it is your skin and hair which suffers the most damage.

So, if you are suffering from monsoon blues, we have these tips for you to help you reduce the damage the rains can inflict-

-People with dry skin end up having a more dehydrated skin. You must use a good body lotion , which aids your skin to hold the water outside for  a softer look.

--For cleansing and exfoliating purposes, prepare a paste of crushed almonds and honey, and apply the same for five to seven minutes.

-For an itchy scalp neem oil is the best remedy. Also avoid using hair dryer whenever necessary; instead use a dry towel to remove moisture from your hair.

-Use cool herbs like fennel, coriander leaves and Indian gooseberry instead of chemically treated body lotion for a glowing skin. Amla which is rich in Vitamin C, help in detoxifying liver and facilitates digestion.

-Wear good quality makeup. Remember to keep it protected from humidity and pollution.

-Damp skin is a breeding ground for all kinds of fungal infections so it is highly recommended to keep the folds of your skin and feet dry and clean every time. .

-With a variety of hair products around, choose wisely and consult an expert before you try any. Thrice a week hair wash with a mild shampoo might work the trick for you. A regular hair spa and massage is strongly advisable.

-Avoid alcohol-based skin cleanser, it adds to the dryness. Instead use herbal soap to fight the excess oil, grime, pollution and infections.

Done with these tips, the last and most important advice is stop fretting over these and do not  forget enjoying monsoon this season. 

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