Friday, 27 December 2013

Minimal Makeup and the Perfect Look!

Make-up essentials are considered to be the way to a woman’s heart. It is a common perception to believe that women are crazy about makeup. But not all of us like that plastic cover over our faces. Some of us despise the gaudy shades and unreal feel that we get when we look at our reflection.

However, that doesn’t mean we do not yean for that flawless beauty and perfect look. If you belong to the same category with Kajal, Gloss and Face wash as your best friends and your sole makeup artist; then nude makeup is the answer to your wishes.

No Foundation Just Soufflé

The irresistible even skin tone that you see and yearn for, isn’t natural. The 90% of women do not look like that, nobody can be 100% even toned and blemish free, but certainly they can appear to be. This is the trick; apply a thin layer of your usual moisturizer and dab on a little daily wear soufflĂ©. If you do not have that, then a good quality foundation can also do the trick. Ooze out a drop or two and spread it evenly with a moist sponge. Do not forget the neck, earlobes, and eyes; extend a stroke or two over them as well.

The Kiss of Blush

Yes, I promised that these tips are for makeup despisers but try once, and you won’t regret. All you need is a cake of blush (the color of the inside of your lower lip) and your bare finger tips. Yes you are right; you can go ahead and discard the applicator. Take a little on the first three fingers and dab it on the apple of your cheeks. Use the thumb to spread it in circular motions towards the cheekbone. Press the leftover on the high of your cheek.

Your Old Pals, Kajal and Gloss

You know the trick; here you don’t need any instructions. Just make sure that you chose a gloss with a hint of color. If you wish, you can add a little super gloss or shimmer on the center of your lips for the kissable pout. So get going girl! You got the sexy look.

P.S. Do not forget a face wash prior to bedtime.

Monday, 23 December 2013

The Complete Guide on How to Look Youthful

Looks is a factor or a desire that every individual wants to excel in and want to have an everlasting youthful skin with no types of spots or any skin problems. This desire of looking gorgeous is not a dream of today’s world but ever since the invention of mankind people have always given the prior attention to looks and their skin. But in the present scenario of the modern world, people are stressed due to the increased skin problems and the sole reason behind this is the harmful pollution.

As with every passing day the pollution level is increasing, in the same manner this harmful pollution and the harmful sunrays are producing faded skin with large number of wrinkle lines along with numerous other skin problems like acnes and pimples. Are you searching on ways to have a control on your acnes and pimples, and then you should surely undergo the Acne treatment as this is the best method that can very effectively solve the acne problem and even clean your skin so that you won’t have any such problems in the future.

Acne and Anti Ageing Treatment

The acne treatment has gained huge demand with time because of its effectiveness and the high results. This treatment will remove all the impurities, dirt and dust that has stick to your skin and even clean the pores which contains impurities which will enhance the skin texture and make you glow and at the same time even protect your skin from further acne formations. Apart from these benefits, this treatment can also help in removing the various blackheads, whiteheads and the spots present in the skin and ensure a better quality skin.

The pollution has many side effects and one of the strong side effects and one of the most side effect is the wrinkle lines which makes the skin look dull and faded and if you want solutions for that they you should undergo the anti ageing treatment as this has the power of making the skin look youthful and nurtures the skin with shine.

But while undergoing these treatments, make sure you are using the best products and consulting with the best service providers so that you won’t have any irritation in the skin as sometimes some products creates side effects for different type of skins. You may even undergo the anti ageing treatment which guarantees you of perfect removal of the wrinkle lines and the lines of stress. This treatment will make your skin shine naturally and removes all types of mark and even outs the skin tone and complexion.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Various courses in a beauty academy

Beauty academies are those institutions where people can go in order to attend a course in beauty education and training. There is a wide range of courses offered by these institutes and among all the courses, following three are the top sough-after courses- makeup, esthetics, and cosmetology. 


VLCC Academy
VLCC Academy
Attending a course in Cosmetology offered beauty techniques and tips, which are already available and known to experts. As part of cosmetology beauty classes, the students get to learn various techniques used in the tasks of general skin care, general makeup, hair color, cutting and styling of hair, and cleansing of hair, etc. The hair cleansing course includes various techniques which are used in order to clean the hair and prepare them for later operations like coloring or styling. Learning which technique is suitable in what conditions, knowing the allergies, and understanding different techniques for different hair types is also a part of this technique in a beauty academy. The course of cosmetology also includes styling and cutting of hair. Hair cutting and styling is all about satisfying the client and meeting their preferences; the students get to learn the basic tips on how to do this and some expert solutions too. They are also taught to judge the type of hair cut and styling based on the hair type of a particular client and looks of him. In the coloring course, they are taught how to mix the colors and how to apply them precisely to get maximum and best results.

Makeup Art:

Makeup art is yet another course that is offered by a beauty academy. While in most of the institutes, the course of a makeup artist is covered with the cosmetology beauty classes, some institutes offer this as a separate course. In this course, the students are given deep insights of the makeup art such as how to select colors, using the makeup products in the ideal manner, and how to prepare various makeup items. Following the fashion trends and creating makeup themes according to the client preferences is an important aspect of this course. This course may also include some side arts other than facial makeup, such as nail art.


A course in esthetics includes all the other skin care and beauty treatments that don’t use makeup accessory; instead these techniques rely on methods like dermatology treatments, reconstruction clinic, and spas. Some of these courses include technique like pedicure, manicure, waxing, facials, etc as well.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Effective Ways to Get that Instant Facial Glow

If you one of those that are tired of craze beauty products that claim to work but do not then it is time to hit a beauty parlour and get the experts to do the job they are best at. You need not despair nor get depressed to watch others look smashing in an occasion while you hide yourself behind a pillar or stand at one corner.

While there are methods that will get you results at home, getting your make-up done and that too that can be compared to the likes of a bridal make up can only be done professionally. Relying on market retailed cosmetics that appear easy to use and utilizes simple and convenient application in no time does sound tempting, but the real trick of the trade can only be achieved when it is done correctly and by an expert who is well trained in that field.

Beauty parlours are established to ensure that quick, efficient and perfect occasional make up or party make up can be achieved. Moreover, the time spent at home struggling with a bunch of cosmetics and brushes can be daunting. This is when visiting a salon and getting the job done efficiently and hassle free is the way forward. There are many people who keep experimenting with different products, but despite the tall claims made by these, the end result is not that effective as the one done by professionals.

Thus, instead of relying on such products to perform bridal make up, or a special occasion at home, get a revamped look at salons of repute. Along with professional help for special events, ensure that you prep your skin for that extra glow by drinking plenty of water through the day and indulging in a well-balanced diet packed with nutrients and health benefits.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Things to Keep in Mind in Skincare

Fairness is integral to beauty and with the demand for such products, it has become even more competitive for manufacturers to produce potent and effective products. Leaving that aside, if you have ever spoken to a teenager suffering from dermatological concerns, the only response that you get is a depressing one considering the fact that every single teenage would die for a flawless complexion and this is when we doubt whether such products do work or just make tall claims.

Fair skin and lustrous hair are just two of the many desires of any girl growing up. They want to have the best of all; however, do need a heads up on beauty tips to enhance fairness in the long term basis. It is not just about that you attaining fairness, but about maintaining healthy skin.

Employing scrubs, face masks and creams is just not enough, what teenagers need is a regular skincare regime that is charted according to their skin type and sensitivity. Facial enhancement products and a good diet are important if you are serious about maintaining your overall health and consequentially, this leads to a glowing complexion.

To help teens combat skin related concerns, follow the ‘3 simple rules’ of ‘Eat Healthy,’ ‘Sleep well,’ and ‘workout regularly.’ If you incorporate these into your daily regime, improved texture and colour is what you shall notice. The need to religiously and consistently follow a routine chart is important if you really want long term results. If you are always outdoors or a working person, exfoliate daily using a light scrub made of natural exfoliators to remove dead and dry cells. Also, employ cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily. Drink lots of water to ensure that the skin is well hydrated.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Beauty Courses in Beauty Academy

A Beauty Academy of education offers beauty courses to enhance skills in beauty therapy, including other offering courses in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, bridal makeup, cosmetology, fusion therapy, hairdressing, henna design and tattooing, holistic treatment, personal grooming, professional make up, nail art and salon management.
A well-structured curriculum for beauty or Makeup courses include basic foundation courses created for beginners whereas beauty classes on special, comprehensive and intensive advanced courses with add-ons are offered with the primary objective to provide clear-minded student classroom training support and practical experience necessary to refine skills that a professional hairstylist, beautician, cosmetician, aesthetician, aroma therapist, manicurist, pedicurist and makeup professionals should have.

Makeup courses are offered including for Entrepreneur, Fusion therapist, henna artists and bridal makeup professionals are also provided at these institutes. A reputable Beauty Academy always aims to provide its students with the opportunity to achieve quality education in a group or individually. Learners are given specialized on-the-job training exposure that not only enhance their skills but have highly benefited from these programs. Skills training at such schools meet or exceed established standards that can compete with other internationally acclaimed institutions.

The ability to provide personalized attention and quality education to each student through classroom training and thorough theoretical knowledge combined with intensive practical exposure in an environment that enhances technical, marketing, management, presentation and interpersonal skills make such academies famous and popular. Getting admission in such an academy can assure you of an approved curriculum that is taught by instructors with International Qualification Certification in the specialised field. Trendy and stylistically innovative teaching and education methodology is incorporated into the learning structure to ensure optimal knowledge sharing.

The key features of such Institutes is to offer a relaxed, rejuvenated and educational atmosphere that is marked with success stories. Such institutes excel in providing students, instructors and clients with the perfect ambience given that the clients and their referrals keep the business hours ticking and students are offered the opportunity to prove themselves as the brand ambassadors of the institution.

The other key feature that will add to the benefit of a beauty school is access to an in-house state-of-the art library that is packed with referential journals and study materials, free of cost for staff and students and nominal annual membership fees for owners, students, instructors and employees from other beauty academies. Professional beauty courses and classes offered at reasonable fees to females from low-income groups, out-of-work women, divorcees and widows with dependent children, would be an added advantage.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Beauty sphere: Least affected by economic crisis

Needless to say, being attractive is a woman’s dream; it’s something which is never ending and never satisfying urge. Every woman wants to look as beautiful as she feels from within and even those women who are blessed with natural beauty still have a feeling of restlessness and they also want to pamper their skin in the best way possible. It won’t be wrong to say that beauty business is entirely about never-ending opportunities.
In today’s shimmering world, this beauty industry has a crucial role to play. There are trained professionals who are authenticated from renowned beauty academies train their students. There are special makeup courses, offered by beauty academies that train their students in terms of beauty and wellness. Likewise other spheres, there are different genres in cosmetology as well. There are hair schools and specialized makeup courses for students and thus, you can choose one of the courses according to your interest.

One of the chief factors that trigger the Indian beauty industry is the obsession with fair and radiant skin. The renowned fairness products hold their market extremely tightly. Even in the makeup courses, majority of students prefer to learn new and innovative ways by which they can make their client’s skin fairer in long term perspective. Bleaches, Facials, spas are perennially in demand and as aforesaid, have always hit the Indian market.

Subsequently, there’s something else that controls this sector majorly is the relaxation and massage centers. Beauty spas and aroma therapy treatments are undeniably hitting preference list of people. On the whole, beauty and wellness is a business which is continuously flourishing and now men too are equally conscious about their looks. The best part is that this sphere is least affected by international economic crisis and recessions because recommendations of expert help in physical grooming and no matter how the scenario is majority of people will never compromise with the way they look.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Face Wash for Skin Lightening

It is time that we leave behind all the expensive skincare products and resort to effective homemade remedies that assist to attain a flawless and supple complexion and further are useful tips on creating your own homemade face wash for skin whitening.
  • Gram flour or basin is an excellent replacement for harsh chemical based face wash products and you can store about a good amount of it in a jar for future use. You can also store this in your bathroom for regular use.
When you are in your shower, mix about 5 to 6 tablespoons of gram flour with water to form a fine paste of adequate consistency. Wet your body and apply the paste all over and let it dry for about 2 to 3 minutes. Remember that it needs to dry completely before you wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also use this paste for skin whitening benefits.

If you are looking for a more effective method then add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to about 4 tablespoons of barley flour with the required amount of water. Mix it well till it forms into a paste of adequate consistency for use. Wet your body and apply the paste all over it. Allow it to dry completely and then massage the paste off gently using circular motions while including gentle strokes till most of it comes off and then rinse with lukewarm water.

If you suffer from acne and similar concerns, make a paste of neem leaves and add 2 tablespoons of it to the barley flour and lemon juice infused mixture. This will help rid unwanted bacteria, thereby leaving the skin clean, clear and fresh.

To prepare the paste of neem leaves, pour half a glass of water and soak neem leaves in it. Leave this on for about half an hour and then grind it to form a thick paste. You can also apply only the neem leaves paste to your body to attain its medicinal benefits that work wonders.

Overview of cosmetology courses

The popularity of a beauty school has been tremendous over the years and if you have been planning to have a glorifying career in this sphere, all you need to do is to get enrolled in a beauty school of repute and select a genre that matches your preference varying from cosmetology, esthetics and makeup courses. If you’re not familiar about the loopholes of this sphere, you needn’t despair. The follow up of the article will cover each and every aspect of the aforementioned genre:

When it comes to get professional degree of cosmetologist from a beauty academy, you’ll be trained to do hair cleansing, cutting, styling, coloring, makeup and basic skin care. In hair styling you’ll be trained to apply different techniques and styles that stylists use to clean hair and make it worthy for styling and other procedures. Besides this, reaction or any sort of interactions of various products will also be taught to treat your clients professionally, once you begin with it on-field.

You’ll be taught basics of makeup that includes applying foundation, lip shades, eye makeup etc. and skin care in which you’ll familiarized to give manicure, pedicure and spa treatments.

Makeup Artistry
This genre is dedicated for those students who are interested in learning hard core makeup techniques. Varying from basic foundation application to professional bridal makeup, students are familiarized about each and every aspect. Besides these, nail art for hands and feet are also taught in a beauty academy.

This cosmetology genre involves both, beauty and skin care regimens, which are aimed to be delivered to clients in the form of aroma spas and therapies. Basic and extensive courses for body treatments for spa are crucial lessons that are taught in this program. Threading, waxing, bleaching, facials, manicures, pedicures are sub-genre of esthetics.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An overview of nail art

Manicure includes shaping nails, effective cuticle care, hand massage and polishing to endow with a glossy finish to nails. There are some beauty academy of repute that offers a diversified range of courses like diploma in health, cosmetologist professionals, nail art stylists, hair stylist, to mention a few.
Nail Arts

Though you can purchase a mani-pedi kit from market and do manicure and pedicure both at home, however there’s a world of difference in the way a professional perform it and the way you will be managing it.

Nail art is an artistic process and it involves special care of the nails by experts. A slight negligence in treating nails carefully can lead to bad consequences, which would be the last thing that you can ever wish for. Thus, it is always recommended to get your nail art done by a professional instead of experimenting with your nails in any which way. It won’t be wrong to say that your nail is the canvas on which countless innovations can be done varying from sticking smiley stickers, diamantes to decorating nail with dried petals.

Bridal nail art encompasses delicate patterns and designs. There are many nail art galleries that endow a wide selection of nail designs to choose from. So even if you have been pursuing diploma in health from a beauty academy, you always have this freedom to learn a new art form so that you can add new dimensions to your career.

When it comes to hand painted nail art, it involves painting innovative designs on the nails itself. There are very sharp and special brushes that are actually used to paint the fine dots. Unlike earlier, where people preferred some limited shades like red, orange, maroon, pink, contemporarily, several coats of clear nail polish is initially applied. After that, a toothpick is used in outlining desired stripes and patterns. When the paint gets partially dry, hearts & stars are fixed.

A nail stylist deploys a pool of techniques to attain the preferred effect. There are acrylic nails available in market, which are stuck on nails in order to make the nail shape look enhanced. It’s something like hair extensions. This works best for those either have short or chipped nails. The nails are then polished with neutralizer to make it look natural. Nail art is an imaginative and constructive process where people get their nails painted with different gems and water based decals.

Ayurvedic tips against grey hair

Unlike earlier, where grey hair was considered as one of the ageing symptoms, now-a-days, irrespective of gender, many people have to bear pain of having grey hair.

But the good news is that there are several courses in beauty, where students are taught about how to treat grey hair in the most natural way so, you can enjoy privileges of such treatments.

According to one of the experts of beauty classes, there are many people who are afraid of beauty treatments, for some reasons. If you too are one of those then, it’s time to just throw away the baggage full of strains behind and live the way, you feel like living.

Though these hair treatments are clinically tested and recommended, however if your conventional mind set is not allowing you to try any of the available treatments then, try ayurvedic treatments, says an expert of beauty classes.

Below are some of those ayurvedic treatments that should be applied to avoid side effects and enjoy privileges of guaranteed results:

  •     Use Amla powder, mix it with lemon juice and apply it as a conditioner.
  •      Take a pinch of ground black pepper, mix it with either lemon juice or curd, and apply it evenly on the hair. Leave it for ten-fifteen minutes then rinse it off.
  •      A thick paste of gooseberries and mango seed is a good remedy against grey hair. It helps in scalp rejuvenation.
  •    Mix butter and fenugreek powder, mix it well and apply it as a conditioner.
  •      Last but not the least, never ever mistake of under estimating imperativeness of exercise.  If you want black and glossy hair, religiously exercise and practice yoga for 1 hour on a daily basis to make best out of it.

Conclusively, if you have been thinking to join courses in beauty, search via internet and you will get ample options to choose from.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Do You Have the Right Blush Shade?

Applying blush, as a part of makeup routine can accentuate one’s facial features. Say for instance: for those who have a round face, blush is used while doing bridal makeup to elongate the facial shape and make in look appealing in beauty parlours of repute. Those who have sunken check or cheek bones, which doesn’t glimpse prominent, usage of blush define their check and cheek bones to give new dimensions.

There are diversified factors that should be taken into account, while buying a blush, says an expert of a beauty parlour. On a foremost note, choosing the right blush color is very important, and it should be purchased in conjunction to the skin’s color.

While selecting blush, one should always go through blush shade card that are available in beauty parlours and go for the one that can rectify facial flaws and enables a person to look gorgeous. Moreover, stay away from blushers that are excessively perky, murky and/or pale for an individual’s skin tone.

Fair skin tones are well-matched to baby pink, tawny, and beige blushes.

Darker skin tones are well-matched in plumbs, if they are cooler or rich bronzes if they are warmer. For any other skin tones, copper, almond, and warm brown shades, will be best.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

It’s all about imperativeness of dietician course

Natural health courses like a full time dietician course or a diploma in nutrition offer exciting career prospects, who wish to be in the competitive and healthy oriented industry.

It has been seen that over the years specifically, diploma in nutrition courses are prioritized by those students, who pass out their schools or colleges. There are many reputed colleges that offer dietician course and more than 33% students get them enrolled in this course in every new batch, says an expert.

If you do a diploma in dietician course from reputable institution, it will enable you to be a nutritionist or a weight consultant within short time span.

Graduates in this course will find aplenty of opportunities to be employed in hospitals, gyms, nursing care institutions, dietician in schools and private companies.

It has been observed that majority of people do not have the time to cook and eat healthy food, but this fact cannot be underestimated that one should always eat healthy to be a good shape. Here’s where dietician’s imperativeness comes into the frame. There are many people who religiously follow the diet chart drafted by their dietician.

Thus, if you have been planning to begin your career in this sphere, don’t waste your time in thinking much, as it would not help you in any way and by the time you’ll do nothing, but think over it, seats will be full and then you will have no choice, but to wait for a new academic session.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Unlock those wavy locks & flaunt your shining hair

The moment you equate your rough & unruly wavy locks with anyone’s sleek shiny straight hair, I am pretty sure that your stomach begin twanging slightly. If you are one of those who are fed up of doing everything and trying home remedies, but each trial was disappointing then hair straightening is the only solution for you. Make sure that you get your re-bonding done by a professional to avoid any long term mess. There are well renowned courses in beauty where there are there is a special stream of hair styling and in respective beauty classes, each and every hair styling is taught to the students.
If you have been considering getting hair re-bonding done, but are not sure about what would be the consequence to your hair with this procedure then you don’t need to worry much, as it has been clinically tested and recommended by experts.

According to one of the trainers imparting lectures in courses in beauty, there’s a world of difference in the way you shampoo and treat your virgin hair and the way, you are supposed to take care of your re-bonded hair. Adding to it, she said that this is why we train our students in hair styling beauty classes that they can treat their clients in the best way possible. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Scope of Dietician as a career

The nutritional value of your meals is the key to healthy living. In present times hustle and bustle the food habits of people are changing in an unhealthy manner. There are numerous diseases that can be avoided by following healthy eating habits, and once they strike us a planned and regulated diet chart is required to keep them in check.

Thus this kind of irregular and unhealthy living has opened up scope for dietician course. There are proper diplomas in nutrition to train professionals so that they can assess the medical conditions and what are the individual nutritional needs of an individual, keeping in mind his medical history.  These dietician courses also include ways to simplify the sources and cooking of nutritional supplements being prescribed so that they can be integrated into the busy lifestyle seamlessly. Thus the popularity in this trend has brightened its scope as a career option.

A certified diploma in nutrition enables you to find employment not only in medical sector but in beauty and wellness as well; as people are now more aware about their grooming and youth. They understand that their eating habits trigger their skin and hair problems; an unhealthy diet can lead to skin problems and even premature ageing. They know that a certain fruit can make their skin glow naturally and another food product can make their skin acne prone. Thus people are more and more eager to find expert advice as to how they can make small changes in daily eating habits and ensure a healthier better life.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hair & Skin Protection

When festivals arrive, the first thing that comes to your mind is the celebrations; however, have we ever thought the consequential effect that a festival can have on our body? I guess not. One festival that instantly gets highlighted is Holi, the festival of colour and joy that is pompously celebrated across India, at the end of winter, on the last full moon day of the Phalguna lunar month. This is the day when colours are used on each other to welcome the advent of the spring festival. Consequentially, it is then that our skin and hair gets affected tremendously.

Most colours that we get nowadays are synthetic-based or contain harmful chemicals. This gravely affects our hair colour, texture and sheen no matter which hair product we use. It also causes skin irritation, allergy, rashes, acne or other skin ailments. Hence, I have come up with a few pointers to share with all before you expose yourself to such colours.

Hair and Skin needs added protection during these festive seasons. Hence, for Hair protection, apply henna or mehendi to protect your natural hair colour, apply almond or coconut on your hair to coat it and protect it from damage and tie it up neatly behind. Also, use a good quality hair product comprising of a shampoo, conditioner and serum for extra protection before going out to enjoy Holi.

Hence, ensure that you use an appropriate sunscreen lotion that has ingredients with high sun protective factor. Apply liberally all over the face, neck, arms and exposed parts of the skin for protection against sun exposure especially during day time. Next use a few drops of almond or baby oil over your facial area, neck, arms and exposed areas. Apply a lip balm with SPF protection of neutral colour and a waterproof Kajal to avoid smudges especially when playing with colour water. If you wish to enhance your eyes, use a smudge-proof eyeliner and waterproof mascara after grooming.

Opportunities with Cosmetology courses

At Hairdressing and Beauty Academy in India, students get the opportunity to experience a focused approach to learning and building confidence. The cosmetology courses offered in academies include a variety of hands-on teaching techniques and styles to accommodate all learning types that help beauty school students to hone their cosmetology skills. By bolstering the confidence and skill sets of students, simultaneously, inclusive of a healthy dose of daily fun and education, the instructors create budding beauty professionals who are on their way to becoming pro hair stylists in just a couple of years.

Within the cosmetology courses, freshmen focus on hair cutting techniques, being the core skill upon which to build on. Sophomores continue to improve on their hair cutting skills with the introduction to hair colouring techniques. Juniors are exposed to cutting a clients’ hair along with learning and re-establishing their skills. Students who reach a senior status begin to gain real-world experience by spending the entire days delivering salon services on the school salon floor.

Efficient development through small class sizes is encouraged to maintain a healthy student-instructor ratio and to enable personalised attention. Students learn the latest cosmetics and beauty tips and hair styling techniques and trends that enable them to knock the socks off of a salon. The classroom experience produce salon-ready professionals that are prepared to go out and get jobs, after clearing their licensing exams.

Hairdressing and Beauty Academy offer basic and advanced training courses included in the curriculum that steep in the trademark of the academy’s continuing advancement in styling and make up techniques. The employment of a successful academy formula across all beauty schools nationwide is essential to keep the focus on the future growth in the field of cosmetology. This helps the institute to draw some of the best talents worldwide and to own a distinguished reputation of being the best educational institute in the cosmetology industry.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Interesting Facts About Botox

Owing to the high recommendations of this treatment, majority of imperative facts about it are openly out. There are, nonetheless, many interesting facts that are concealed from purview.

Enlisted below are interesting facts about botox:

• Approved & recommended by National Health Service:  Botulinum toxin Type A, is approved by the National Health Service. It's the similar drug that is used to treat botulism. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been approved it mainly for treating eye disorders. Then later in 2002, this drug was recommended as an anti ageing treatment to treat frown lines, wrinkles between the brows, patches and much more.

• Not a surgical procedure: Unlike other anti-ageing procedures, no incisions are made while applying botox and fine needles are used to ascertain that patients are not affected in any which way. A very small amount of drug is injected on facial muscles and interestingly, it takes less than an hour and the advantages lasts up to 8-12 months.

Besides botox, there is diversified range of ayurvedic treatments that you can opt for. Thus, you no more need to take strain of any physical flaws and you can live the way, you wish for.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Preventing Aging: What's Needed?

Skin aging is preventable if you believe the ads gimmick of products that make tall claims to slow down the aging process. What is needed is the knowledge of how much is skin aging really under your control.

With age, your skin begins to suffer from the natural wear-and-tear, just like your body. But as opposed to what we think of, natural aging has to do with sun exposure and other environmental factors as well, which means that it can be avoided. Hence, the good news is that it's never too late to start with your anti aging and skin whitening process.

The factors that contribute to normal skin aging are skin elastin, collagen and sags. Elastin and Collagen are a fibre mesh located just under the skin. These are proteins that help to keep the skin firm, which means that if your skin stretches, this protein matrix will help to snap it back into place.

As we age, the fibre mesh under the skin weakens and consequentially leads to skin sags as its support structure loosens. Besides this, there are other unavoidable forces that equally contribute to skin aging. Therefore, using a branded skin whitening cream to restore your natural skin colour and an anti aging product to prevent further aging becomes a necessity.

The skin begins to lose its natural stretch during the natural aging process. This means that the skin becomes thinner and begins to lose fat that essentially keeps the skin supple and smooth. A plump and smooth skin texture is then replaced by a rougher one thus, contributing to the aging process.

As the year pass by, gravity begins to tug on the weakened skin creating sags of jowls referred to as chicken fat visible under the arm. If you are blessed with an excellent genetic code (known to contribute to the aging process unnoticeably), it leads to the skin looking 50 when at 80 in some people and the reverse in those who are less fortunate.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

How can homemade acne facial scrub help in retaining natural glow?

No matter, how costly cosmetic products you use to pamper your skin, nothing can ever replace the significance of home-made remedies. There are many renowned beauty academies where students are taught to make natural scrubs and facial kits because of their wide ranging advantages.

Enlisted is a simple and effective home-made facial scrub kit recommended by one if the professionals of beauty classes that you can prepare for you and enjoy privileges of effective results within a week.

 •    Procedure involved:

Take an egg and separate egg white and its yolk in two different bowls. Add one tbsp. of olive oil, one tbsp. of oatmeal and half tbsp. of sea salt into the bowl with yolk. In order to make the paste smoother, add few drops of water in the mixture. Now, apply the paste on your face and neck. Scrub the paste gently and in circular motion for five minutes. Let it dry and then, rinse it off with fresh water or you can also use cotton ball dipped in rose water to clean the mask. You are guaranteed to feel instant rejuvenation, says an expert of beauty classes.

It has been observed that homemade facial scrubs for acne are very effective, even more than those costly facial kits for the following reasons:
  •  Both, egg and olive oil have nourishing nutrients.
  • Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory characteristics that enhances skin glow and simultaneously, kills   infectious bacteria.  
  • Sea- salt is added as it exfoliates the skin. The salt has vital sulfur nutrients, which allows the skin to inhale appropriately. Besides this, sodium and potassium exclude all waste cells and further, absorb nutrients.
After all, you have every reason to flaunt your looks and feel as gorgeous as you feel from within.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Avoid Hair Breakage with Hair Salon Massages

Hair breakage has been a constant concern with most women due to their hair length when compared to men. When you experience hair breaking caused by hair damage it can either lead to an I-really-don’t-care attitude or an emergency call situation. There are a number of factors that contribute to hair breakage which is not within your control, however, there are few that we can control and that goes back to what we do or how we treat our hair on a daily basis.

While it is a time-consuming affair to stop hair breakage completely, what is more essential is to try and minimize it by stepping up your hair care treatment by following these simple rules. Visiting a hair salon and allowing your hair stylist to use an effective hair spa treatment solution is also one of the best ways of preventing hair breakage and further damage.

A hair spa treatment involves shampooing, oil massage and conditioning that improves blood circulation and improves hair follicle growth and strengthening. Your hair treatment expert will also recommend a hair lotion that works by ensuring minimal hair breakage resulting in hair sheen and strength retention after prolonged use.

Also, it is important that you get your hair ends trimmed at a hair salon. Yes, for women trimming off the ends may equal to a haircut and hence the obvious response would be a big no. However, when you trim your hair ends proactively, it reduces the chance of your hair losing its moisture thus preventing hair dryness and brittleness.

Women with split ends need to have their ends trimmed. If your split ends get out of control, they can travel up the hair shaft causing more breakage and damage. Hence, the best solution to prevent this extreme case of hair breakage is to visit a hair spa salon, once in 2 or 3 months, and have a quarter or an inch of your hair ends trimmed.

Friday, 20 September 2013

How does Radiesse Treatment work?

While age may have its positives with experience, wisdom, self-awareness, it also triggers a visual reminder of the many years gone by. The fine lines and face wrinkles with a sagging skin are but hard to deal with especially when it begins to hinder your appearance and self-confidence. People have to age; it is something no one can fight against. It is a gradual process that everyone needs to endure, however, the fact of being able to control premature aging in in our hands and this brings us to the topic of anti aging treatments acting as our saving glory.

If we can avoid aging, wouldn’t we all just be delighted, but we are aware of its impossibility. Yes, what can be done is to control the aging process by employment of various anti ageing treatments that can rejuvenate our skin cells, making us look younger in appearance. The art of reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elastin to reduce skin drooping used to be a sector of intense measures that included tummy tucks and face-lifts. Today, people are more aware of what is being introduced in the market to cater to such skin concerns and hence, have become more educative and wise.

There are many who wish to void surgery and turn to less intrusive procedures and Radiesse is one that looks promising. Radiesse is nonsurgical semi-permanent dermal filler employed to reduce the facial signs of aging. This dermal filler is injected under the skin of a person to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the surface. Components like collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat are used as common dermal fillers. It is less invasive than a surgical procedure like a face-lift and is quick lasting no longer than a few months and hence, will require repeated sessions.

Radiesse smoothen fine lines and deep wrinkle appearance around the mouth and nose. It can add contours to facial areas that have lost their shape caused by sagging skin. It stimulates new collagen growth and skin protein giving it a smooth texture and youthful elasticity. Radiesse comprises of a synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite gel that is absorbed by the body leaving the calcium hydroxylapatite behind. In this procedure the natural collagen in your body fills in the space eventually that the gel has left behind.

Friday, 13 September 2013

It’s simple male attraction

The reason why women get their hair done is simply to attract others and especially men. Women want to look and feel great, but the real motive behind spending a lot of time getting a new hairstyle done or perfecting your look is simple male attraction, say experts.

If you wish to have the best hairstyle done then choosing a beautician that has graduated from the best beauty academy school calls for a smart option. There are many beauticians who have completed their cosmetology courses with distinction and have earned a name in the field of hair styling and beauty.

While the subtle ones make some of the best compliments, it does boost your confidence and elation. When someone notices you, the feel of flattery is evident.  The feel is even more magnified when you are trying to attract the attention of someone special. This is when you try your best to scan through numerous hairstyles to make that magic work and amplify our look and here are the top five hairstyles that men will love, according to reputable beauty academy experts.

A Short and Sassy hair-do screams cute and is shaped for the bubbly look and personality. This hair style will help attract those men that are looking for someone sweet and who love to flash her contagious smile.

The Hot and Curly one takes flirting to the physical form. It is a vivacious and full of life hair style that can attracts men looking for fun and spontaneity. If you love surprises with no plan in mind then this hair style is just for you, as mentioned in one of the cosmetology courses’ journal.

A Layered hair style look shows off a quiet and shy personality and attracts aggressive men that are willing to make the first move. This is perfect for the girl who loves attention but is sky-natured.

The Straight and Confident look is probably one of the oldest and most classic of hair styles that are ideal for those who are demanding, but in a good way. This hair style spells confidence and hence, you need wait for the right guy to come around as your hair style definitely screams that you’re worth the wait.

The Flirty Ponytail look says you’re ready and up for anything. It exudes a playful personality that wants to attract a playful man. This is a flirty hairdo that reflects that you are ready for fun.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Why indulge in a Hair spa treatment?

Every once in a while, we feel the need to indulge in a little treat, whether it is eating out in a fine dine restaurant, enjoying a vacation at a beach resort, or getting pampered at a day spa. Yet when we indulge, we often neglect our hair that is subjected to heat, sun exposure, dust and pollution, styling with chemical-laden products and most often dyeing.

Our hair gets damaged in a million ways and it is then that the need for a hair spa treatment at a professional hair salon calls for immediate attention. Many hair salons use treatments that involve the use of a potent serum mixed with a conditioner onto the hair, which is highly beneficial as it penetrates the hair shaft and restores moisture. After the oiling and shampoo session, a deep-conditioning mask of natural ingredients is applied onto the hair and massaged well to improve blood circulation and induce rapid absorption.

Signing up for a hair spa at a hair salon is not just about pampering your hair with a massage. It delivers nutrients to the hair through oil massage and mask employment followed by shampooing and conditioning. Hair spa therapy is essential if you want to maintain prolonged hair health. It offers the benefit of strengthening your hair for that extra bounce and shine. It also works to eliminate dandruff and impurities that damage hair follicles causing hair fall. While considering that hair spa treatment is highly effective, it is also economical that adds to your advantage.

Oiling your hair and getting a head message done once a week, is important to reduce hair fall and damage. If you want to restore your hair sheen and wellness, using a shampoo and conditioner that works well with your hair type is equally imperative. If you are experiencing extreme hair fall, it is best to speak with your hair specialist about using the right type of shampoo and conditioner that best suits your hair maintenance needs. While there are a wide range of products available in the market for use, do not get caught in advertisement gimmicks or go on a trial spree, instead seek expert advice to avoid further hair damage.