Thursday, 13 November 2014

Basics- good to go with

Post indulging in hectic week’s celebration, feeding scrumptious cuisines and putting lot of makeup would have had put you in a different mindset, well, here’s the time to detoxify skin and make it look soft and rejuvenated. Well, ascribed are a few things that should be religiously followed to look the way you have had thought.

Moisturizing lotion: cleanser or moisturizer should be applied to hydrate and make skin look soft and supple. 

What if skin is dry: toner would be good to go with. No matter skin is too dry or is too supple, a toner is a must for all. Application of a toner makes the skin look fresh and juicy and retain the rejuvenating factor.

  Do not overdo: for the reason that anything is excess is not good, however if you have had done makeup in excess, do not worry. Hold on! Do not mistake of being overtly conscious and experiment with as many things as you could have. It’s a no stone carved rule that as long as you won’t splurge sky-high sum, won’t get results. Yes, you can. May be a simple anti ageing cream or sunscreen would solve the problem. So see to it that without scouting via online or getting in touch with a wellness expert, you do not begin experimenting much. 

Basics would do- as aforesaid; do not go on beating the bush. You can do a lot of effective stuff without putting you in mayhem of any sort. Home remedies such as curd, turmeric and honey might turn out as life saver and is also handy solution against major problems. 

So to end this, all that has to be considered is keep a check to the aforesaid handy things and you are bound to enjoy privileges of magical results.

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