Thursday, 6 November 2014

Here's the Time to Get Rid of Beauty Woes

So finally that you have decided to tie the secret knot with your prince charming, try and make best out of this day. Rejoice each and every second so that these memories make you feel blessed.

Well, leaving aside everything else, it’s been seen that in lieu of looking good, would-be brides go to an extent of requesting the stylists to dab a bucket full of makeup on their face. Look, keep the fact in mind that nothing in excess is good. Excess bling and colors will do nothing, other than leading to fashion disaster. So think twice on what your style statement is.

Here's a low down of few common mistakes that usually every bride tends to commit in one way or the other and later on regretted:

Matching Marvelously: first, stop being conscious on clicking everything matching, varying from the bridal attire to the bridal make up. At times, contrasting shades make a perfect match. It is advised to leave all this to the stylists, be it skin treatment or ageing and the makeup, this is their genre and certainly, they know it in a better way.

Foundation and dark complexion: it’s acknowledged that urge to look the best gets deeply into the veins, but again, do not go for excess stuff. In order to look fairer, many would be brides tend to ask for application of excess foundation powder. And later, regret while flipping through the pages of wedding album. So this is something that has to be avoided. Too much foundation when sits-increases and look bad.

General Makeup: when professional recommends of using water proof makeup, they say this on purpose, not just to withhold things. Waterproof makeup saves the bride from rolling down all over the face, which otherwise becomes embarrassing.

So prior to finalizing the wedding getup with your stylists, think thrice on these three primary mistakes, to avoid regretting.

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