Thursday, 20 November 2014

Benefits of Scrubbing Your Skin

Similar to cleansing, toning and moisturizing, scrubbing also holds a significant place in the skin care regimen. Exfoliating your skin regularly also aids in keeping several skin problems at bay which to the surprise to many includes cellulite. With the variety of facial and body exfoliating agents overflowing the market, scrubbing has become all the more convenient. However if chemical based scrubs are not your type then you have the option of using home-based exfoliators to cater to your scrubbing requirements. Use gentle circular motions and watch for yourself the magic on your skin.

Here are some associated skin benefits of scrubbing regularly:

-For a Clean and Clear Self

Scrubbing helps your skin to get rid of dirt, oil and sweat. The experts vouching for the effectiveness of exfoliating claims that the dozens of face wash and cleansers can’t pull the dirt from the skin pores with this ease as can be done with the help of exfoliating agent.

-Freedom from Flakes!

Flaky skin clearly points to the fact that you are being careless with your skin care regime. Flaky skin also gives rise to dry patches on the skin by allowing the dead skin to accumulate. The only solution for getting rid of the flaky skin is scrubbing.

body scrub

-Remove the Acne Scars

Exfoliate to get rid of acne scars! Start by preparing a basic scrub by using two spoons of baking soda and a spoon of water. Make a paste of it and body scrub to bid farewell to acne scars and welcome a glowing skin.

-Keep the Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is without doubt a ceaseless problem and scrubbing works best at preventing it. To treat the ingrown hair prepares a exfoliator using lemon juice, sugar and water. You can also choose to add tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and use it for 2 to 3 times after waxing for the desired results.

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